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Best DSLRs to buy for videography

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Connecting and sharing of videos online has emerged as a massive market with high growth potential. YouTube now promises a steady career opportunity for many creative souls out there, and that is one reason for you to get a kick ass DSLR which will enable you to produce out of the world content.
It is important to invest in a good camera to produce high quality content. Now if you’re just a beginner and are not too keen on sharing your content with people, and only doing it to satisfy a hobby then im sure if you buy a good camera now maybe at some point in the future you would want the world to witness what you have created.

Without further ado let’s go over the options available in the market currently:

The industry has made some tremendous advancements in the recent years in making lower budget DSLRs shoot great videos, of course if you are looking for a HD movie material camera you will have to the extra mile and spend a bit more, but the options available right now make it people with different earning backgrounds to test waters they might not have been able to a few years back.

1. Cannon EOS 70D

Cannon is one of the best brands to start with and build on, it offers some amazing camera which give you a whole lot for the money. The 70D is an amazing example of the wide varieties of things you can do with your video. The main reason why this camera is so popular for shooting with is the auto focus, touch the screen where you want to focus and the camera will keep focusing on it even if the object keeps moving, this is an extremely handy option especially when you’re filing outdoors. The quality of video recorded is bright and sharp and you can really see the crispiness in the image once you view it on your laptop. Another great feature in the sound quality which is pretty decent on this one. It is a full frame camera and you have the options to select from a wide range of lenses you can use to shoot with. The lens which I find works best and gives incredible results is the 18-35mm.

Other bonus features include; long battery life, and Wi-Fi.


2. Sony A7R II

A7R II is a mirror less camera You get a full-frame 42.4-megapixel sensor – the second highest resolution of any full frame camera. The best thing about this is its light weight, you can run and shoot with this, one thing which is a point to note for other brands out there; to reduce the weight of the cameras, obviously the some lenses are heavy but in 2001 who knew we would have a thing called iPhone so there is definitely something brands should focus on. 5-axis image stabilization and professional video features including 4K. A7R II can now capture 14-bit uncompressed raw images for the maximum possible quality making it a great expert level camera.


3. Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera

This camera is great one, I won’t say that its super affordable but it is great investment below the $2000 mark. Being a mirror less camera it is pretty compact in size which is always a plus, also the lenses available for mirror less cameras are pretty compact so the overall weight of this camera is not anywhere close to other DSLRs which to be honest do make your hands hurt. Being weightless there are lenses chances of shaky video, plus it has great shake stabilization which makes it a great camera to walk around and film with, I personally like hand held videos, makes them seem more real, creative and artistic.


4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

No surprise here, it is THE camera suggestion you get when you say ‘I need a good camera for filming’ though it is a camera that does require a bit of getting used to and is a bit bigger in size which again will require a bit of getting used to, but once your hands get set on this bad boy there is no stopping you. It is A full frame camera and it offers a 22.3 MP sensor, Full HD (1080p at 30fps) – Additional movie functions include manual exposure control and an enhanced range of high bit-rate video compression options. The inbuilt mic on this is great if you’re filming without a boom mic, the camera’s Quick Control screen and a headphone socket enables sound level monitoring both during and after shooting. The quality of the image is highly professional, the video shot has a great depth in terms of color which you can edit a whole lot to get a desired result. There is not much to critique really, this camera is literally perfection and every videographers dream. It is on the expensive side but truly worth every penny.



5. Nikon D810

Nikon also has some great options to buy when it comes to videography. The D810 was released in 2014, its Full Frame 36.3MP sensor offers brilliantly remarkable image quality and dynamic range to 1080p videos recorded at 60/50/30/25/24p uncompressed to an external device like the Atomos Ninja-2, compressed to an internal CF/SD card or both simultaneously. Another great function on this camera is its capability to adjust its exposure to different lighting immediately, it wastes no time at all, the auto change in exposure is pretty much on point most times and you do not need to manually adjust it every time the lighting changes, this is a very strategic development by Nikon as I hate it when the lighting changes and after recording I notice the change when viewing the video, it just leaves me angry and unfulfilled, so it’s safe to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed filming with this camera.


6. Nikon D5300

More of a budget friendly option compared to the other cameras on this list. The D5300 is a great beginner level up camera- buy that I mean when you get a camera, test it out and feel that you want more but you don’t want to break the bank- then this is a great camera. It is also very good for still portrait and landscape photography. The video shooting capability is great on this one, I’ve noticed it films good in low lighting and higher ISO without compromising the quality of the video. The camera has a 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, EXPEED 4 image processing and the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi. It also records Full HD 1080p video at 60p with built-in stereo, wide ISO range for high quality videos in any light and improved full-time AF to keep the subject in focus. So to keep it short, it is one of the best decent priced DSLRs available.


Annoying people you’ll find on Instagram

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Instagram is a pretty rich place to find all kinds of species available on this planet. Not gonna lie Instagram has become pretty over saturated with all these kinds of annoying people and might as well be the next MySpace. Let’s face it the only reason why MySpace went down was because people got over who the most popular girl in high school was and what your crush’s favorite color was.
Social media since then has come a very long way from favorite songs to thigh gaps, basically a whole new level to make people feel insecure about themselves. So here are the kinds of pope you might find on Instagram, and wipe that smile off your face. I’m sure you fit in at least of the categories imp going to discuss. Heck we all will

1. The next best Photographer

Now these are the people who like taking pictures, and they’re not the ones who post selfie after selfie, NO they are even more annoying because they will upload the most random shit ever. Like a picture of the street captioned “my view in the morning’’ with 15 filters on it and sharpness increased to the maximum. Each and every post will be a click of the scenery, we get it, you have an expensive camera but if we wanted to see the sunrise we’d open the window and see it with our own eyes. Ain’t nobody got time for that

2. Hashtag it

Okay so this person will put in almost every hashtag that pops into their minds, just to get more likes and followers, hey miss you might get those likes and followers but you ain’t getting my respect. Sometimes the hashtags are not even remotely connected to the picture. Imagine if the picture is of a Fruit the hashtags would be as follow: EatingHealthy, GreenVegiesForLife, FitInFive, Vegan, CurvesForTheGirls, Fruit, Strawberry, Banana, BananaIsGood, SuchIsLife, Girl, Curve, Sexy, Hot.
Someone bring me my gun!


3. A grade escort

New clothes, shoes, nails, salon done hair, MK bag, LV shoes, Friends headphones, iPhone 6s in hand and a classic mirror selfie. Girl if you aint sucking the D’s, where are you getting the G’s from? She will be flying private with the best champagne, well I’m not going to fall for the fact that you’re flying solo. Either you have a money tree or a sugar daddy.

4. Nail Queen

Okay it’s a good thing you get your nails done, but if every single picture you post is you showing off you’re $7 manicure I’m unfollowing you. Nails are gross! And how are you doing shit if your nails are as sharp as a can opener, how are you wiping your ass without getting scratches all over? It’s a mystery I can never solve

5. The guy/girl in high school, who got hot

Now this is the type that annoys the shit out me, and I regret not being friends with them. I once knew a guy back in high school who was and ugly (no offence intended) and just the other day whilst scrolling through my feed I noticed him and I was like WHAT! This guy is HOT, not only did he manage to lose all that weight but managed to look like a model! I’m pretty sure we all have that one high school friend that got insanely hot, and now you sure as hell regret not trying to get to first base with them.

6. Selfie Monster

This person uploads nothing but selfies with the occasional hashtag; SelfieGameStrong. Uh no! selfie game not strong, how is this selfie any different from the 500 others you have uploaded? Plus the quality of your picture sucks.

7. Professional Makeup artists

These are the type of girls I hate, reminds me of the girls who were the first ones to get everything in middle school; boobs, periods, boyfriends and the New Care Bears! And now they’re markup artists and are the first ones to have the latest blush palettes, lipsticks and are basically best buddies with all them brands

8. The girls who give hoes a run for their money

Okay so these are the type of girls who have 99.9% males followers who comment ‘I would tap that’ and you know the worst part they actually enjoy getting these comments. These girls have their contour game strong with center partings and sleek hair, sharp nails and designer everything, and would rather post naked than fully clothed. These are the ‘free the nipple’ types who don’t really know a single thing about feminism but all they care about is getting naked and expecting to be called classy. Not quite sure how that works. It’s safe to say that she is the reason why we are reminded why we don’t want to have a daughter.


9. The stoner

We all have that one friend who likes smoking weed, and wants to remind everyone everyday how much he likes to smoke it. We get it dude, you’re a stoner, you don’t have to upload Bob Marley quotes every other day, your Instagram profile speaks for itself, next time, get a life maybe?
What’s worse than a guy stoner is a girl stoner. She is the girl who thinks ‘she’s keeping it real ya’ll’ and has some daddy issues and would rather smoke up and post about it than doing it alone.

10. Picture perfect

A pretty common type of Instagram personality. They are similar to professional makeup artists but annoyingly they also like posting FOTD and MOTD selfies. These girls are flawless, they were born with a magic wand in their mouth and basically have porcelain skin. How do you not have pores? These girls have highlight on point, contour on point, lashes on point, hair on point, outfit on point, basically whole life on point, and are “goals” for their followers.


11. The love couple

Now this is the type of couple who not only enjoys doing things together, but also likes to post their support and love on Instagram, the only difference between them and Kim and Kanye is that they haven’t shared their sex tape yet. We get it you’re in love but it’s best if something’s are left private, like kissing under the mistletoe maybe? Their relationship is so public that we can assume there’s been a rough patch when the pictures stop uploading.


12. The party goer

Some people just like to party all the time which is fine! But if you’re going to upload a dizzy video with strobe lights everyday people might think that’s all you do in life. And if you’re in collage and you’ve just started partying then it makes sense but if you’re almost 30 and still clubbing the shit out, what is your life?

13. The rich kids of Instagram

Instagram has given the rich kids the opportunity to flaunt their parents success and how carelessly they like to spend from their trust funds. The fly private, wear designer and travel all the time. The have all the best cars and watches, they have the bitches and part till dawn. Too bad their IQ isn’t as high as they are all night.


14. The girl who has the swag and game

So there are some girls who fall in love with every guy they meet and within 6 months get so close that their relationship becomes “goals” but right after they break up all the pictures are deleted, and soon the cycle continues when they find another mate. In between they will have captions ranging from: ‘you said to keep it on the low, so here you go’ to ‘you thought you was irreplaceable, but babe you thought wrong’. We get the hint, you’re Beyonce!


15. Your Ex

So that you’re old enough you won’t be deleting your ex from social media, because that is immature right, and mama raised you well so all you’re going to do is, upload pictures and show your ex just how over you are, and the worst part is there are no winners.

16. Master Chef Australia

Okay so there is a reason why you’re fat, you’re eating everything. If you eat everything you upload I’m sure you’re the size of a turkey. And these people like to cook too, so expect every Friday they’ll have a picture up captioned “made by me”

17. The cheap guy

This guy is inspired by all the rich kidskin town and decides boy ain’t gonna stay behind, so instead of uploading pictures of plates with bite sized entrees which cost $20 bucks, your homeboy will be posting the regular zinger burgers from KFC. They are worse than the master chef Australia ones, at least l]their pictures are good to look at.


12 games you should make your non gamer girlfriends play

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So if you’re a guy who likes to game and your girlfriend is kinda annoyed with that habit of yours, then the only way to fix it is to introduce her to the whole world of virtual gaming, and not having to hear her complain ever again, how you don’t give her time or don’t go for a walk on a Sunday.

The pros to this are endless, however one of the serious cons can be that she might end up liking gaming so much that she might become you and you might become her, yikes!!

Anyway taking a chance never hurt anybody, here are a list of 12 games that you could introduce your girlfriend to and maybe even end up playing with her ;

1. Venus Rising


Okay so this is more of an adult game, and if you and your girlfriend are still underage, this game is not for you, its better to be safe than sorry guys, no one likes teenage pregnancy. Okay I might have exaggerated there a bit, they game is all a virtual reality experience in which you get to role play as well and get to bang random peoples character online, so if you’re thinking of having a threesome and you’re not sure if your girlfriend will be too keen on the idea, it would be a great option to put the plan in motion by suggesting it in the game. And oh! I am very serious about the teenage pregnancy thing, abstinence is key people, or at least stay safe.

2. Sound shapes


Another great game to play with your significant other is sound shapes. This game lets you combine music and shapes together, its very easy to learn and super fun to play. Just make sure you let her win for the first few rounds, so that she doesn’t threaten to never play again!

3. Words with friends


If you’re a scrabble fan then you’ll love this one, its also a great game to play when you have friends over, the game has super fun but challenging words, just brace yourself because you might actually discover your partners IQ and tolerance level in this one and maybe that’ll help you decide if they are the ONE!

4. Draw something


Another great game to play with your girl or your friends is Draw something, this is particularly fun for those who like drawing and just enjoy art. I have to sat you do need some crazy art skill to draw some of the things o the game, but that is what makes it the more interesting

5. Nintendogs


Okay so if your girlfriend is after your life to get a pet, while you’re not to keen on the idea, introduce her to Nitendogs and give her a little taste of reality of what owning a pet is really like. OR if you and your girl happen to be a pet lover and just cant get enough of them then this is an awesome game to try out

6. World of Warcraft


Ever wanted to go an adventure with your girl but you never really had the money for it, well get this game and go off on a long adventure, and kill people if you don’t like along the way, something you’ll never get to do in real life without going to jail of course. Collect weapons and use them on enemies and just have fun.

7. Just Dance


Okay this game is super fun, if you both enjoy clubbing or are a little to old to be found beat at the club, unwind and dance away in this multiplayer game and become the dance floor queen, I say queen because lets face it, she’ll kick your ass I bet.

8. Uno rush


Hands up if you’ve played Uno as a kid! Man you’re getting old. As bad as that may sound Uno is one of the greatest card games ever, plus is a very good game to play with friends too, its easy, quick to learn and highly addictive. Its that rush of winning and getting drunk on that feeling that just makes you keep going.

9. The Sims


No shocker here, I’m sure we all know what Sims is and I’m guessing many of you have played this game before, if you haven’t, where have you been mate? Uranus?
This game is just a way of cheating at life, you get to make your own face and body and basically get another shot at life, and get away with doing the unspeakable, which im sure most of you borderline crazy gamers have already done, which you may or may not be so proud of. Overall a great game to play with your girl, just make sure you don’t go banging your neighbor’s wife.

10. Michael Jackson : The Experience


Now if you and your girl are an MJ fan then im sure your panties dropped when you heard this game was out. Now you can MJ yourself and dance to all the sick beats like thriller and do your own moon walk, just make sure you don’t go crazy on anesthetics and don’t end up throwing babies out of your bedroom window, aint nobody got time for that!

11. Pokemon


Your girlfriend will love this especially if she was a Pokemon fan, I know I was, I had the trading cards, the Pokemon names memorized, the pokeball to catch pokemon if I ever came across one because you gotta catch ‘em all, an Ash bed sheet because he was my boyfriend DUH! And a Pikachu stuff toy because he was Ash’s illegitimate child and mine! So basically you gotta play this game even if you and your girl aren’t pokemon fans, you gotta do it for Ash, you owe this much to him at least.

12. Minecraft


If you and your girlfriend like building things, I don’t mean that in a dirty way at all, then you will definitely enjoy this game. You don’t have to be a nerd to figure this out and I mean that because I’ve seen kids play this game, just be creative and let that take control and you and your girl will do great building and figuring out puzzles and adventuring around!

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

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In the current of age of Tumblr one needs to be on top of their photo editing game, its equivalent to owning a Gameboy advance SP back in the day to make sure you are part of the cool kids in school, now because we live in the age of internet and childhood obesity one must ensure they have the best photo editing apps present in their back pocket.

Lets get started, to equip you with the knowledge by which you can be the best photo editor out there;

1) Instagram:

Surprise surpise! To be honest, i don’t have the time and patience to open up various apps which I have on my phone just to edit a picture, I take it to instagarm and valenciofy it and BOOM magic! Instagram has some of the best filters ever, which will make your photos look absolutely flawless. Since its last update you now have the options to control how much the filter applies to the picture, you can also play with the brightness, saturation, warmth and sharpness of the image. Trust me it’s a win!


For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

2) Pixlr Express:

I love this application and the best part is that you can also use this on a desktop, I like this application because it lets you focus on the Nitti gritty, i.e resizing the photo, taking care of blemishes (I know we all do it) adding a bokeh, text and unlimited filters to choose from. Another feature I like about this app is that it lets you control the size you want to save your image without losing quality which is amazing. Plus the app is incredibly easy to use.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

3) PicsArt Photo Studio:

Now this app gets be excited, I’ve seen YouTubers use this to make their video thumbnails, it gives you unlimited amount of filters to choose from, plus the bokeh are incredibly cool, there is something for everyone, if you want retro this app has retro, you want girly, sporty, manly, this app has it all. It gives the option to whiten your teeth, face basically anything, also it lets you fake a tan even in the coldest of winters.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE




4) FaceTune:

Now if you’re someone who likes posting selfies on instagram then facetune is your bitch. It lets you do EVERYTHING! You want a thigh gap, you can get a thigh gap and only for 99 cents, tell your plastic surgeon that you might as well put him out of business. Also for those of you who enjoy uploading makeup selfies this is perfect to smooth everything out and trick everyone else into thinking that you have flawless skin. You can also reshape your nose and your jawline! Somebody tell Kylie Jenner about this app poor soul is spending bajillions on this kind stuff, someone needs to tell her its only for 99 cents!
For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: $0.99



5) PicLab HD:

This app has TUMBLR material written all over it. This app lets you create nifty little photos which has text written on them ever so beautifully that even Kate Middleton seems less classier in front of. You can either edit a photo through this app or select from the library it offers and lets you boast about the pictures on your social media. PicLab HD features full layer-based editing and also packs plenty of tools for making your original photo look its best, with loads of lighting and film effects to choose from as well as preset photo filters and adjustment tools for fine tuning the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and the blur level of your photos.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: $1.99

6) Font Candy:

Now if you don’t want to pay for getting text on your photos then font candy is the next best thing. I personally like this better primarily because of its simplicity, pick a font and type away, this app gives you the option to add dividers, and shapes and inspirational quotes on your photos and is perfect for making YouTube thumbnails, it also lets you edit photos through a number of filters

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE




7) Cymera:

So if you’re not very good at doing makeup or you want to touch up your makeup, download Cymera, this app lets you apply blush, eyeliner and even lets you apply false lashes! It also offers huge variety of hand-picked filters, shooting modes, face detection, collage effects and more than 800 decoration options.


For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

8) Instasize:

this app not only lets you upload rectangular shaped photos and videos to instagram it also offers a vide variety of filters, it’s a no nonsense app, if you just want to upload a photo or video without having the hassle to edit it just use this app its simple easy to use and time saving.


9) Photo Blender:

I like the concept behind this app, its limited in terms of editing options but it lets you create artistic photos. Basically you take two photos and blend them together which once together give a suggestive idea, like for example the picture below overlooks from an air plane window and the other picture shows where the person would rather be, so you could take the Eiffel tower and post a photo of yourself because lets face it why wouldn’t you want to be in Paris?

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE


10) Photo editor by Aviary:

This is your basic editing app, but the thing which stands out is that the filers and editing options it offers make your photos look sophisticated, it gives your photos a vintage-isq vogue vibe which is so in these days, if you have ever visited blogs online you’ll see what I mean, the clean cut images, which have a certain air of modesty and pride in them, the word I’m looking for is Jane Austin, YES if you’re a Jane Austin fan you’ll love this application!

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE


Xbox one or PS4?

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So, if you’re a gammer whose just only started to game, then I’m sure you’re gonna need a gaming console. Deciding which one to buy is always tough, with heavy duty marketing its just one of those first world problems that you just seem to get rid of.

First you justify to yourself as to why you’re buying the gaming console that you choose and THEN there is always that one friend who is going to go ‘so why did you thins, the other one is son much better’ AH makes me go crazy every time!

So in order to let you make a well constructed and a highly thought about decision, I have taken the responsibility upon myself to educate you about each of these two gaming devices, and what exactly they are and what makes them similar yet so different.


In terms of the design bot the consoles are poles apart, xBox is a big chunky box, which you will have to make room for near your TV, whilst PS4 is smaller and sleeker, and wins in my books in terms of design. Both these devices are available in black as well as in white.


Both consoles start with 500GB of storage, which will fill up fast considering how many games take up upward of 50GB on your hard drive. Both consoles offer expandable storage, however xbox one takes the upper hand as you can simply plug in any USB 3.0 external hard drive for more space. On PS4, you’ll have to open up your console and swap in a new 2.5-inch or SATA drive.



The xbox one controller has improved since its predecessors but there haven’t been any major redesign, just some slight changes, however with the release of Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller, which mind you will cost you around a $150, you will be able to access features like built-in soft grips, swappable thumb sticks and d-pads, and fully remappable buttons. Its still a pain that the controller still requires a batteries to run, especially when you run out and you have no spare ones!

The major change that I have noticed in the new controller is the built in rumble motors into the triggers to give you feedback when, for example, shooting guns, this function understandably makes the Xbox One the better console to play racing games on


On the other hand PS4’s DualShock 4 controller has more special features than the standard Xbox One pad, with a front-facing touchpad, motion-control capabilities, a built-in speaker, and a light bar at the top that changes colors based on your battery level or the game you’re playing.


Both the consoles have an 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor with 8GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon GPU and a 500GB hard drive. Both consoles support expandable storage: the PS4 via its swappable SSD drive, and the Xbox One via just about any external USB 3.0 storage drive.

To be honest I’m not someone to go GAGA over how crystal the graphics are but many of my gamer friends make it a huge deal, both the consoles have killer resolution, however PS4 slightly has the upper hand as the games look better on it compared to how they look and feel on the xbox one. Games run on 1080 p on the xbox whilst run on 900p on the xbox.

If you are particularly looking for a console, which will give you killer graphics and will blow your brains out and maybe give you an eye orgasm –if that’s a thing- then PS4 is your best bet .

Interface and streaming

The latest interface on the xbox one completely revamps the look and the whole feel of the console, it operates Windows 10,there is a larger display of icons, shortcuts for getting to your games quickly, and, perhaps most notably, features a new guide that lets you reach your friends, notifications and messages with a single button-tap, this feature I believe is super useful especially if you like to multitask while gaming.

On the other side of the ring- PS4 allows its users to ‘do it all’ A quick tap of the DualShock 4’s Share button brings up a menu that lets you record a clip, broadcast your gameplay or take a screenshot.

PS4 also allows its users to instantly broadcast and share their videos on YouTube and Facebook, while Xbox one users can only share them on twitter. Also the PS4-exclusive Share Play feature lets you give control of your game to an online friend for up to 60 minutes, so long as that person has Plus.

Also you can access Netflix for free on the PS4, whilst in order to get the service on the XBOX one you get paid access to application Via Xbox Live Gold Subscription. Shit just got real!

However one major advantage of owing the XBOX one is that you don’t need to throw away your previous XBOX 360 games, or if you never owned an XBOX 360 and you want to play a game not yet released on the XBOX one then the best feature of all, introduced by Microsoft is the backward compatibility, Microsoft plans on rolling out support for new Xbox 360 games every month, meaning most of your old games should work on the Xbox One sooner or later, just hope its sooner and not later!
Sony has also been working on achieving something similar, by making PlayStation 2 games playable on PS4, though specifics on the feature are currently scarce and the feature is largely still under development. The option available to you now by Sony to pay for PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream a small library of PS3 games from the cloud for $20 a month.


Now if you are more of ‘I want it all person who wants gaming but also want to watch movies on the console then XBOX one wins by miles. One of the system’s key distinguishing features is its ability to transmit your cable box’s TV signal, allowing you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show. It can also snap your TV feed to the top right of the screen so you can do both at once. A great option for those of you whose moms or girlfriends keep screaming, you don’t let me watch TV!!

Online gameplay and overall experience

Both Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold ($60 yearly, $10 monthly) and Sony’s PlayStation Plus ($50 yearly, $10 monthly) online services are required for you to play any game’s online multiplayer mode, and both come with their fair share of extra goodies.

Both consoles offer frequent discounts on digital games, and both provide cloud storage in different capacities. PlayStation Plus provides 10GB of cloud storage, whereas all your Xbox One saves are backed up to the cloud regardless of whether you have Xbox Live Gold.

Final Verdict

Okay so after a very neck to neck comparison it is very hard to suggest a winner, because the pick depends largely on preference of the user.

PS4 has a superior hardware and, sharing capabilities deliver a more user-friendly experience!

While Xbox One’s robust first-party game lineup, backward compatibility and rich entertainment options make it the more versatile box.

Top 7 video editing software for PC

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Hello there, so if you’ve recently acquired a new found passion for video editing or you are about to start a career in video editing chances are that you are going to need a good video editing software which will show that you spent more than minute making your videos look professional and worth watching.
Video editing is just as important as shooting the video. Your shoot might turn out to be horrible, but can be made worth watching if the editing is just right.
So here is a list of 7 best video editing software for PC in 2015, based on the number of downloads, reviews and ratings;
1) Sony Vegas Movie Studio:
Now if you have a crappy laptop and it takes forever to run large files and programs chances are you are looking for something that doesn’t take too much space and screw with your operating system, then Sony Vegas Movie Studio is just your cup of tea. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is actually the minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro. With it you can do the basics, combine clips together, make use of transitions adding text to your videos, it also offers video stabilization, real time effect etc.


• Supported Platform: Windows
• Supported Input Formats: MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, QuickTime, MPEG-4 etc.
• Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG-4, WMV, WAV etc.
• Price: $59.00 (Trial version is available)

However this program can only edit ten video tracks and ten audio tracks at a time, so if you are looking to expand then the Platinum Edition of Sony Vegas Movie Studio, offers to edit with 20 video and 20 audio tracks. It can edit in multiple as well as standard 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and it’s one of the very few consumer editors that can also edit 24p video (after a manual frame rate setup)
2) AVS Video Editor
AVS Editor is a great software for beginners, its interface is highly simple easy to use, yet is prefect for producing professional quality videos. Considered to be the best video editing software for Windows it offers features like video stabilization, large number of video effects and transitions, support for Blu-ray videos, multilingual support, ability to share videos directly through platforms like Facebook etc.


Supported Platforms: Windows
Supported Input Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, AMV, 3GP, MPG, DAT, VCD etc.
Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, MPG etc.
Price: All software from AVS is available as a bundle for $59, but you have an unlimited trial version.
Key Features: HD Support, Non-destructive Editing, Single Video Track, Dual Audio track.
3) Lightworks
Now if you are a bit fussy over the fact that I am only talking about software for Windows, you have the option to download Lightworks because it works on Windows, OSX and Linux, or if you are using some other operating system then the three mentioned then help you GOD! This software enables you to take control through your keyboard which is highly useful when you are selecting clips to join together.
This software has been used to edit major Hollywood blusters including; The kings Speech, Bruce Almighty, The wolf of Wall Street, Jerry Maguire, Pride and Prejudice etc I mean I don’t think I need to explain this software further?!


• Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux
• Supported Input Formats: Almost Every Video Format including High Definition ones
• Supported Output Formats: Almost Every Video Format including High Definition ones
• Price: Lightworks is free to download, but it has a Pro version as well
• Key Features: HD Support, Non-destructive editing, storyboard mode, unlimited video tracks and audio tracks, Linear timecode display

4) Cyberlink Power Director:
This software is simple and easy to use and fits a large variety of customers, be it the ones who just edit videos as a passion or those who peruse it professionally, this editor further simplifies your life by letting you edit videos through your smartphones app, now you can go to town with the editing whist you are literally going to town. This software offers professional looking animations, transitions, title designs and just about anything you need to create kick ass videos.
• Supported Platforms: Windows
• Supported Input Formats: FLV, AVI, 3GP, AVI, DAT, WMV, MPEG-4, MP4 etc
• Supported Output Formats: MVC, MPEG-4, MKV, WMV, QuickTime etc.
• Price: $74.99
• Key Features: High Definition support, NDE, 100 audio and video tracks, linear timecode display and storyboard mode

5) ivsEdits
Now if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend on video editing software then hath no feareth! ivsEdits is a brilliant software which is available for download for FREE! It offers a multi camera editing option which is of the likes of many high end professional software. It provides an exceptionally powerful 4K/2K/HD/SD editing solution for any post/live production environment.


6) Adobe Premier Pro:
In terms of affordability, right at the opposite end of ivsEdit we have Adobe Premier Pro, however it is the money you will never regret spending. It offers bespoke editing options, filters, after editing masking clips. If you have previously used Adobe Photoshop then you can master this software like a boss, it equips you with unlimited options to make your videos look pretty and professional. And the best thing is that it is compatible with both Windows and MAC.

• Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac and Cloud
• Supported Formats: Almost every popular video format
• Price: Individual and combo are available through official site of Premier Pro
• Key Features: HD Support, Multi Track editing, storyboard mode, unlimited audio and video tracks, linear timecode display and NDE

7) Windows Movie Maker:
Most of you by this point would be like, whaa? Movie maker!? Let’s be honest it is not the best or the most reliable software out there, but it doesn’t claim to be either, it is a free software which comes installed with your windows computer. When I was younger I loved to make slide shows of the popular Disney movies and add my favorite songs to them and watch them over and over again. Point being this software is a great learning platform for those who are just wetting their feet in professional video editing. If you are a beginner and have no clue about the As and Bs then this software is your safe haven. It lets you combine clips together, add transitions, effects, titles, credits, audio and lets you control the speed, plus it helps rendering and sharing the video in universal video formats which makes it easy to share on social media, and did I mention it was free?!
• Supported Platforms: Windows
• Supported Formats: Any Windows-compatible media format
• Price: Free
• Key Features: HD Support, Storyboard Mode, 1 video track and 2 audio tracks, linear timecode display.

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The next big thing in technology….The Kardashians

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Would it be wrong to say that The Kardashians’ are the pioneers of modern technology? I mean they use technology to their biggest advantage, they have a reality TV show, a clothing line, websites and mobile phone apps, its only time that they will have their very own TV channel!

So lets backup a little bit to when Kim K was just an ordinary girl, of course she was besties with Paris Hilton who then she got a reality tv show and started thinking that Kim K wasn’t cool enough so she dumped her but who knew that in a few years time Kim K would made a viral sex tape which would land her and the gang a reality TV show and would make them the most sought after family ever?!

I have tried many times to come up with reasons as to why people like them so much? And why are they so heavily publicized I mean even if they poop its news, ever wonder why? The only answer that comes to mind is that this is the new technology era.

Confused? Me too! So lets break it down, shall we?

They make you like them:

lets be honest they are everywhere, just like the iPhone! Kudos to Apples marketing team, they are tech geniuses, so everyone knows when the iPhone is going to come out, they have set a month (September) when they release the new iPhone, and when its coming out EVERYONE KNOWS, even those ‘I prefer androids because we are better than iPhone users because we have an android which has a zillion personalization features I have and will never use’ type. They get people talking they create a stir and that’s exactly the same policy the Kardashians’ use to manipulate us into liking them.

Think about it, their every move is recorded for all to see, their scandalous lives stir debate and that’s why they are everywhere, because they are the new game boy, when it comes out you gotta have it and so if everyone’s talking about the Kardashians’ you have to stay up to date as well.

They rule social media:

okay so when Kylie Jenner posts a photo on instagram I get a notification?!? Whyyy I mean I follow Taylor Swift as well but when she posts a photo I don’t get a notification! This is called forceful advertisement, naturally if Instagram is sending you a notification every time Kylie Jenner posts a photo you HAVE to check it out, it becomes your honorable duty to you country and all of mankind.

Reality is overrated:

So I’d like to think that the human race in general is nosy, we like to know what kind of lives our friends, our neighbors, cute guy across the street lead, or the next door babe and when someone comes and tell you that you can actually see them living their lives and get to know their deepest darkest secrets, you sir would feel as if you have cheated the gods of privacy and have a special power to get a peak inside someone else’s life, that is what the Kardashians do, they let you see what of lives they have, and how many guys/girls they date, who they sleep with and how many times they have gone under the knife, BUT the biggest advantage they have is, they control what you get to see! Now I’m sorry if I’m bursting your bubble ‘Oh no reality TV is real’ its not.

For instance take your average youtube vlogger, they hold the reins on what they release on the internet, they have the power to edit and delete everything they post, and with the Kardashians’ they have a whole professional team working for them, so obviously they make it all fancy and interesting.


the most important factor that has made them what they are, is branding! They brand everything, from head to toe.

Kim K is stupid, why? Because she has said some of the most stupidest things ever, like her biggest insecurity is stretch marks??? Whaaat! And this is a branding quality, I mean if she started talking about physics who would watch her? I know I wouldn’t so her brand is being stupid. For Kylie her brand is her hair which she changes almost everyday, they have made themselves into brands by doing things we would only dream of doing.

Lets talk about how the sisters have made themselves even bigger bands (as if that was possible) by releasing their own mobile apps. I recently downloaded Kendalls’ and Kylies’ app, and Ill be honest I was amazed with what they have done with them, they are highly addictive for starters, the girls have turned to a more personal approach with their fans (for those of you complaining they are nothing like us, download the apps).

The girls do OOTD (outfit of the day) posts and tell their fans who they are wearing, they write about their day and what they do in their downtime, I mean that’s like scoring 10,000,000 points against the privacy god.

Here are pictures for you to see how personal Kendall and Kylies apps really are:

1 2 3
4 5 6

Question is, who doesn’t want to look like her?

Now if that is not personal then what is?

Plastic is the new pretty:

so we all know Kylie and Kims butt is plastic, no matter how many times they’ve denied it, we have known, or have we? This constant feeling of not knowing has made us even more interested rather obsessed with knowing, is it really plastic? Or does a body figure like that exists.

I mean if it weren’t for all those casualties occurring because some girls went a little overboard with the Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge, she would have never admitted to getting fillers.

Lets face it a perfect body does not exist, and nobody is the most beautiful girl in the world because there will always be someone prettier than her. But this constant guessing game and undying speculation have made us watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, which I’m sure we are not proud of.

So the question still remains, WHY do people like the Kardashians?

The answer is simple, they don’t. They like the idea behind the Kardashians, it’s a way for people to see all the things they would not have and that just makes us feel as if we are closer to getting it but in reality the whole concept is so far fetched, that’s why, is it wrong to say that they are the pioneers of modern technology?

Best Smart Watches Available Now

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The smart watch market is relatively new, but so far we have seen some great releases, which promise a bright future. If you are looking to buy a nice smart watch, for any reason; it could be to avoid reaching for your phone for the pettiest of things (which seems most common) or you could want one because all your friends have one, or you’re someone who likes trying new things and needs to get the latest of whatever ASAP, or for whatever reason you may want to buy a smart watch, you have come to the right place, because we will help you decide which one you actually want, we’re JESUS!

Lets start discussing the different options available for you to choose from;

1. Pebble Time Steel Watch


This watch is a true example of “less is more” In the age of Apple and Samsung competing pretty ferociously, we have an underdog, which gives you a whole lot for a reasonable price. This watch isn’t targeted towards those who enjoy having the finer things in life but is targeted more towards people having a practical mind set and are the usual folks trying to get through the day. So the look of the watch is pretty simple, easy on the eyes making it very easy to use and get used to. This is one is very similar to its predecessor the original Pebble, the main difference being the steel body of course and with a few upgrades in terms of functionality and durability.

One great thing about this watch is the wear-ability, its small and light and you can wear it overnight and be comfortable, unlike many android watches available in the market which are way too bulky for everyday. Also as its got the less is more thing going on, the battery on this watch lasts way longer than other better more pricier options available. However the Pebble Time Steel has a microphone to let you take voice notes and reply to messages, everything else has to be done using four in-out buttons so the overbearing desire to touch is left unfulfilled.

2. Apple watch


Now moving to the extreme opposite end of the budget, we have the Apple watch, the whole reason why I’ve mentioned this watch second is because of the budget, overall this watch is a winner, Apple has the ability to impress every time and each time they out do themselves except for the fact that they are just too darn expensive!
Okay so lets go over the features one by one, you can do basically anything and everything with this watch, its designed beautifully and looks great on, sure shows that its expensive and well made, but having said that brings in the problem of being careful and sometimes a little too careful with it, because lets be honest you dint spend hundreds of dollars just so you could drop it? No, it becomes your baby and you end up taking care of it like a materialistic nut job, well done Apple you have succeeded in contributing towards the capitalist economy we live in.

So in other news, the watch comes in two different sizes, its made pretty well but is a little weighty compared to the Pebble and the Pebble steel. There are three core models – the Apple Watch Sport with its aluminum case and glass face, the Apple Watch with its stainless steel and sapphire crystal combination, and the Apple Watch Edition, which has an 18-carat gold case. which starts (yes, starts) at £8000. And which one you go for can be based almost entirely on which you most like the look and feel of – inside they’re all identical. Just depends on how easily you get tricked into spending more money.

The watch however is pretty easy and simple to use, setting up is really easy it syncs with the apple watch application on your phone and does its thing. It’s a Retina Display and it’s crisp, colourful and bright. So to sum it all up, if you’re an iOS user and you are looking to get a smart watch, then the Apple watch it is!

3. Samsung Gear S2


So guess who isn’t Androids number one bitch anymore? Yes you’ve guessed it correct Samsung! The mobile phone giant has ditched the OS for its state of the art Tizen interface instead. Samsung being more of a Peoples’ Brand i.e in terms of affordability has given Apple some serious competition this year, first of all this watch has a unique design and looks great on the wrist, it has a comfortable and light feel on the hand. However, the watch face doesn’t control everything. And, unfortunately, it can’t select things either, you still select things by tapping on the screen. And there are an extra two buttons on the sides. One takes you right to the watch face, the other acts as ‘back’. As with most Samsung’s, it’s an OLED screen. That means ultra-deep blacks and vivid colour. It’s a decent display. Just like the Apple watch you can interact with the Gear S2, I do feel it is a little slow in responding wen compared to the Apple one but then again no one sits with a nanosecond calculator, unless of course you happen to be sitting with one I do have a question for you; what is it that you do again?

One thing I need to put out there about this watch is that the app selection is awful, the options available make me want to pull my eye balls out, with such a good exterior I want good useful apps, it took me 5 minutes to go through the app selection thing and I was disappointed. The only app I came across In those 5 minutes was Yelp, so that’s saying something.

Over all it is a well made mid priced watch, which definitely has some room for improvement but for the time being can work as a great companion.

4. LG G Watch Urbane


So if you’re an Android user, this is a good investment for you. The watch makes Android look expensive, which it has a hard time doing on its own. So for starters the screen is OLED and so the results are pretty dope. Okay so one point of critique, which I feel is significant, is that it doesn’t have auto brightness adjustment and that has to be done manually, though this seems small it can be quite troublesome when you’re on the go and you need a quickie. However this watch gives you 2 days worth of battery life, I mean that right there makes my life easy, I already have to charge my phone, my laptop and my tablet, and if I I have to charge my watch daily as well…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Another new feature that Android Wear 5.1.1 brings to the Urbane, is Wi-Fi support. This means that you can still receive notifications, even if your device is out of Bluetooth range.

Overall it’s a great watch, it leans more towards the affordable option and is a great value for money.

5. Motorola Moto 360


I feel like the design of this watch is what someone from your school swim team would wear, and I’ve always found that sexy, so bonus points on the design, I bet a lot of people out there would disagree and argue that there are better looking watches available and yes they would be correct in saying that, but there is something about this watch which grabs ones attention , I like to call this the charmer syndrome- you know back in high school you never really understood how some ‘not so good-looking guys’ would have ladies all over them? And you’d always hear the girls say “there is something about him..” – well this watch is very comparable to that high school nostalgic feel.

One thing which I dislike about this watch is the pathetic 24 hour battery life, I don’t have time to charge my smart watch, I’m charging enough things already, I’m trying to time and electricity, HELLO Motorolla please fix this! Maybe get rid of the LCD screen and switch to OLED, just a thought?!

Overall the watch is great, it does have few issues with the battery life, and slow auto brightness adjustment, but if you overlook these issues the watch is a great investment for someone whose on a budget but would pay to get a better watch If not the best.

So there you have it folks, our top 5 smart watches that you should consider buying based on functionality, design and affordability, hope this helped in making up your mind. We did say we were JESUS, we’ll make it easy for you and push you in the right path, and the decision is your choice, after all God has given us humans free will..dammit!

Easy Steps to Win At Social Media Optimization

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Keep It Short, To The Point, Simply Put no BS

Another way to get more people to notice you online is be brief and don’t waste time, time is money and no one wants to spend 10 minutes reading which photo editing app is the best, MAKE IT SHORT! The most annoying thing is when I want to find out which app I should download to edit photos and there are 10 lines describing each app, honey ain’t nobody got time for that! Also when promoting your content don’t use language that one would require the Oxford dictionary to decipher your English, stop being cocky, its good you have nice knowledge of the English language but unless you’re Shakespeare I genuinely don’t care, and chances are others don’t either.


Know Thy Audience & Publish To Their Taste

websites and blogging sites these days give you so many statistic details which in the olden days would be an analysts job to collect, and now you have all that information just a click away, USE IT! See what is interesting your readers and then give them exactly that, make use of your personality and advertise yourself as a brand, sell yourself as a brand, what is a brand? Something everyone knows of, be that, how can you be that? Pay attention to your followers, the more customer satisfaction approach you have the more you are going to win at life.
Ever wonder why some people have so many friends? Because they tell you what you want to hear, the pressure is less when it comes to social media and so use that to your advantage. Check your statistics daily, make a plan on what you want to do with your content online and who your targeted audience is, when you figure that out, it’ll be a walk in the park!
The importance of networking: Not going lie, I’ve learned this the hard way but networking is extremely important, if you think you are going to be discovered then you might as well still believe in Santa Clause, you need to go out there and socialize with people who are selling similar to what you are selling, make friends with them and soon their friends will be your friends, admire appreciate, learn their approach and with that grow. One reason why some Youtubers are where they are today is because of networking, once you feature on someone else’s social media their followers become interested in you, and that’s how you win at life people, SOCIALIZE.


Don’t be that guy!

Keep Posting – Keep Posting – KEEEP POSSTTTING

one of the biggest DONTS is to not update your social media, be as interactive as possible, I have seen many Facebook pages, Instagram accounts of different brands/bloggers which were last updated a year ago, I mean come one, did you get hit by a bus? Here is an example, I was having wet dreams about going fall shopping recently, and I dint want to physically leave my house so I settled for online shopping and some brands had not updated their Facebook pages with pictures of the new stock, that literally made my blood boil, of course if it’s a big brand their sites are always up to date, but that is the reason why they are big, all their social media is updated, having a kick ass social media presence will not only attract more customers but will help you wet your feet in international boarders, chances for expansion and basically make sure the global village grows

Build a Thriving Online Presence With Exciting Content

there is a reason why some bloggers are bigger than others, it is because they sell themselves before they sell anything else, now I’m not saying you should sell your soul to the devil, but if you are a blogger/brand put a face to what you are selling, f there is no face, chances are people are going to forget you. Be friendly and as relatable as possible, if you’re boring then no one will listen to what you have to say, be as bubbly and excited about things as possible, now if you are a manly man reading this, you’ll be like The Fuck? Have no fear, you can be bubbly as well without having to put your hands up and saying “oh emm geee” no if you are talking about the latest iPhone release you can make yourself interesting by not talking about the walls of the aperture on the camera (if that’s even a thing), trust me majority of the users visiting your page will by all means give not a single shit about it, but upload pictures taken from the camera and have a side by side comparison with pictures taken from similar phones, better yet make a video and show the people, sell yourself as a personality that your readers/viewers will want to listen to what you have to say.


How Celebrities Use Social Media As a Prime Marketing Tool

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Controversy is the best policy: One thing I have learned from watching a whole bunch of viral videos is that be different, be controversial, especially if you advertise through apps like Facebook, I say this because people on Facebook love drama, I don’t blame the average Facebook user, I mean its 2015 and people don’t care if you’ve recently checked into your bathroom or your neighborhood MC Donald’s, they want to know how many people you slept with the past weekend, so if you want people to remember you, be different, stand out and say things your competitors wont say, now if you are serious business and by serious I mean a clothing store trying to sell your products, talk about the latest trends by criticizing the celebs doing it wrong, make a bold statement and get people talking. If you’re a blogger choose titles which are appealing, for example you’re going to talk about best places to eat on a night out, then title the post as ‘Foods that’ll give you an orgasm’ rather then your usual, play it safe ‘The best food you’ll ever eat’. Quickly revisiting our ‘sex sells’ ideology, I remember I once had a manger who would always tell me after reviewing my work, “Put some sex in this”, and Amen was he right, bless him.


Now I am not a Donald Trump supporter but this guy sure knows how to stay in the news!


Talk the talk- The Social Media Way

It is time you realize that the slang you once used on MSN messenger has gotten old and kids these days are using a whole new level of slang, no matter how old you are and how serious your organizations’ mission statement is know the internet lingo! Use the layman language and make yourself as relatable as possible, if you are a twitter advertiser then use the appropriate hash tags don’t be ashamed of using 20 hash tags in one tweet, if it works who’s judging? Also there are so many nice ways to send out a tweet, one can use the 140 characters to their advantage and get the word out without being too boring. Follow and re-tweet the right people and who knows one day maybe you’ll be a verified twitter user.


What did I tell you about sex selling?? The Kardiashians’ are the epitome of social media optimization


Let our experts work with you to create your vision. We can help you create the next big thing!!!