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12 games you should make your non gamer girlfriends play

12 games you should make your non gamer girlfriends play

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So if you’re a guy who likes to game and your girlfriend is kinda annoyed with that habit of yours, then the only way to fix it is to introduce her to the whole world of virtual gaming, and not having to hear her complain ever again, how you don’t give her time or don’t go for a walk on a Sunday.

The pros to this are endless, however one of the serious cons can be that she might end up liking gaming so much that she might become you and you might become her, yikes!!

Anyway taking a chance never hurt anybody, here are a list of 12 games that you could introduce your girlfriend to and maybe even end up playing with her ;

1. Venus Rising


Okay so this is more of an adult game, and if you and your girlfriend are still underage, this game is not for you, its better to be safe than sorry guys, no one likes teenage pregnancy. Okay I might have exaggerated there a bit, they game is all a virtual reality experience in which you get to role play as well and get to bang random peoples character online, so if you’re thinking of having a threesome and you’re not sure if your girlfriend will be too keen on the idea, it would be a great option to put the plan in motion by suggesting it in the game. And oh! I am very serious about the teenage pregnancy thing, abstinence is key people, or at least stay safe.

2. Sound shapes


Another great game to play with your significant other is sound shapes. This game lets you combine music and shapes together, its very easy to learn and super fun to play. Just make sure you let her win for the first few rounds, so that she doesn’t threaten to never play again!

3. Words with friends


If you’re a scrabble fan then you’ll love this one, its also a great game to play when you have friends over, the game has super fun but challenging words, just brace yourself because you might actually discover your partners IQ and tolerance level in this one and maybe that’ll help you decide if they are the ONE!

4. Draw something


Another great game to play with your girl or your friends is Draw something, this is particularly fun for those who like drawing and just enjoy art. I have to sat you do need some crazy art skill to draw some of the things o the game, but that is what makes it the more interesting

5. Nintendogs


Okay so if your girlfriend is after your life to get a pet, while you’re not to keen on the idea, introduce her to Nitendogs and give her a little taste of reality of what owning a pet is really like. OR if you and your girl happen to be a pet lover and just cant get enough of them then this is an awesome game to try out

6. World of Warcraft


Ever wanted to go an adventure with your girl but you never really had the money for it, well get this game and go off on a long adventure, and kill people if you don’t like along the way, something you’ll never get to do in real life without going to jail of course. Collect weapons and use them on enemies and just have fun.

7. Just Dance


Okay this game is super fun, if you both enjoy clubbing or are a little to old to be found beat at the club, unwind and dance away in this multiplayer game and become the dance floor queen, I say queen because lets face it, she’ll kick your ass I bet.

8. Uno rush


Hands up if you’ve played Uno as a kid! Man you’re getting old. As bad as that may sound Uno is one of the greatest card games ever, plus is a very good game to play with friends too, its easy, quick to learn and highly addictive. Its that rush of winning and getting drunk on that feeling that just makes you keep going.

9. The Sims


No shocker here, I’m sure we all know what Sims is and I’m guessing many of you have played this game before, if you haven’t, where have you been mate? Uranus?
This game is just a way of cheating at life, you get to make your own face and body and basically get another shot at life, and get away with doing the unspeakable, which im sure most of you borderline crazy gamers have already done, which you may or may not be so proud of. Overall a great game to play with your girl, just make sure you don’t go banging your neighbor’s wife.

10. Michael Jackson : The Experience


Now if you and your girl are an MJ fan then im sure your panties dropped when you heard this game was out. Now you can MJ yourself and dance to all the sick beats like thriller and do your own moon walk, just make sure you don’t go crazy on anesthetics and don’t end up throwing babies out of your bedroom window, aint nobody got time for that!

11. Pokemon


Your girlfriend will love this especially if she was a Pokemon fan, I know I was, I had the trading cards, the Pokemon names memorized, the pokeball to catch pokemon if I ever came across one because you gotta catch ‘em all, an Ash bed sheet because he was my boyfriend DUH! And a Pikachu stuff toy because he was Ash’s illegitimate child and mine! So basically you gotta play this game even if you and your girl aren’t pokemon fans, you gotta do it for Ash, you owe this much to him at least.

12. Minecraft


If you and your girlfriend like building things, I don’t mean that in a dirty way at all, then you will definitely enjoy this game. You don’t have to be a nerd to figure this out and I mean that because I’ve seen kids play this game, just be creative and let that take control and you and your girl will do great building and figuring out puzzles and adventuring around!


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