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Best Smart Watches Available Now

Best Smart Watches Available Now

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The smart watch market is relatively new, but so far we have seen some great releases, which promise a bright future. If you are looking to buy a nice smart watch, for any reason; it could be to avoid reaching for your phone for the pettiest of things (which seems most common) or you could want one because all your friends have one, or you’re someone who likes trying new things and needs to get the latest of whatever ASAP, or for whatever reason you may want to buy a smart watch, you have come to the right place, because we will help you decide which one you actually want, we’re JESUS!

Lets start discussing the different options available for you to choose from;

1. Pebble Time Steel Watch


This watch is a true example of “less is more” In the age of Apple and Samsung competing pretty ferociously, we have an underdog, which gives you a whole lot for a reasonable price. This watch isn’t targeted towards those who enjoy having the finer things in life but is targeted more towards people having a practical mind set and are the usual folks trying to get through the day. So the look of the watch is pretty simple, easy on the eyes making it very easy to use and get used to. This is one is very similar to its predecessor the original Pebble, the main difference being the steel body of course and with a few upgrades in terms of functionality and durability.

One great thing about this watch is the wear-ability, its small and light and you can wear it overnight and be comfortable, unlike many android watches available in the market which are way too bulky for everyday. Also as its got the less is more thing going on, the battery on this watch lasts way longer than other better more pricier options available. However the Pebble Time Steel has a microphone to let you take voice notes and reply to messages, everything else has to be done using four in-out buttons so the overbearing desire to touch is left unfulfilled.

2. Apple watch


Now moving to the extreme opposite end of the budget, we have the Apple watch, the whole reason why I’ve mentioned this watch second is because of the budget, overall this watch is a winner, Apple has the ability to impress every time and each time they out do themselves except for the fact that they are just too darn expensive!
Okay so lets go over the features one by one, you can do basically anything and everything with this watch, its designed beautifully and looks great on, sure shows that its expensive and well made, but having said that brings in the problem of being careful and sometimes a little too careful with it, because lets be honest you dint spend hundreds of dollars just so you could drop it? No, it becomes your baby and you end up taking care of it like a materialistic nut job, well done Apple you have succeeded in contributing towards the capitalist economy we live in.

So in other news, the watch comes in two different sizes, its made pretty well but is a little weighty compared to the Pebble and the Pebble steel. There are three core models – the Apple Watch Sport with its aluminum case and glass face, the Apple Watch with its stainless steel and sapphire crystal combination, and the Apple Watch Edition, which has an 18-carat gold case. which starts (yes, starts) at £8000. And which one you go for can be based almost entirely on which you most like the look and feel of – inside they’re all identical. Just depends on how easily you get tricked into spending more money.

The watch however is pretty easy and simple to use, setting up is really easy it syncs with the apple watch application on your phone and does its thing. It’s a Retina Display and it’s crisp, colourful and bright. So to sum it all up, if you’re an iOS user and you are looking to get a smart watch, then the Apple watch it is!

3. Samsung Gear S2


So guess who isn’t Androids number one bitch anymore? Yes you’ve guessed it correct Samsung! The mobile phone giant has ditched the OS for its state of the art Tizen interface instead. Samsung being more of a Peoples’ Brand i.e in terms of affordability has given Apple some serious competition this year, first of all this watch has a unique design and looks great on the wrist, it has a comfortable and light feel on the hand. However, the watch face doesn’t control everything. And, unfortunately, it can’t select things either, you still select things by tapping on the screen. And there are an extra two buttons on the sides. One takes you right to the watch face, the other acts as ‘back’. As with most Samsung’s, it’s an OLED screen. That means ultra-deep blacks and vivid colour. It’s a decent display. Just like the Apple watch you can interact with the Gear S2, I do feel it is a little slow in responding wen compared to the Apple one but then again no one sits with a nanosecond calculator, unless of course you happen to be sitting with one I do have a question for you; what is it that you do again?

One thing I need to put out there about this watch is that the app selection is awful, the options available make me want to pull my eye balls out, with such a good exterior I want good useful apps, it took me 5 minutes to go through the app selection thing and I was disappointed. The only app I came across In those 5 minutes was Yelp, so that’s saying something.

Over all it is a well made mid priced watch, which definitely has some room for improvement but for the time being can work as a great companion.

4. LG G Watch Urbane


So if you’re an Android user, this is a good investment for you. The watch makes Android look expensive, which it has a hard time doing on its own. So for starters the screen is OLED and so the results are pretty dope. Okay so one point of critique, which I feel is significant, is that it doesn’t have auto brightness adjustment and that has to be done manually, though this seems small it can be quite troublesome when you’re on the go and you need a quickie. However this watch gives you 2 days worth of battery life, I mean that right there makes my life easy, I already have to charge my phone, my laptop and my tablet, and if I I have to charge my watch daily as well…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Another new feature that Android Wear 5.1.1 brings to the Urbane, is Wi-Fi support. This means that you can still receive notifications, even if your device is out of Bluetooth range.

Overall it’s a great watch, it leans more towards the affordable option and is a great value for money.

5. Motorola Moto 360


I feel like the design of this watch is what someone from your school swim team would wear, and I’ve always found that sexy, so bonus points on the design, I bet a lot of people out there would disagree and argue that there are better looking watches available and yes they would be correct in saying that, but there is something about this watch which grabs ones attention , I like to call this the charmer syndrome- you know back in high school you never really understood how some ‘not so good-looking guys’ would have ladies all over them? And you’d always hear the girls say “there is something about him..” – well this watch is very comparable to that high school nostalgic feel.

One thing which I dislike about this watch is the pathetic 24 hour battery life, I don’t have time to charge my smart watch, I’m charging enough things already, I’m trying to time and electricity, HELLO Motorolla please fix this! Maybe get rid of the LCD screen and switch to OLED, just a thought?!

Overall the watch is great, it does have few issues with the battery life, and slow auto brightness adjustment, but if you overlook these issues the watch is a great investment for someone whose on a budget but would pay to get a better watch If not the best.

So there you have it folks, our top 5 smart watches that you should consider buying based on functionality, design and affordability, hope this helped in making up your mind. We did say we were JESUS, we’ll make it easy for you and push you in the right path, and the decision is your choice, after all God has given us humans free will..dammit!


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