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android-app-developmentSoftware Development is proud to provide our clients with an innovative user experience that is unparalleled across the Android platform. As a pioneer in Android mobility solutions, we provide top line technical capabilities and an excellent user interface. Android is often the go-to mobility solution for businesses to reach out to their target customers, and we are focused on bringing you the best possible solutions for the customers, which ultimately adds value to your organization.

Over our decade of experience, we have worked with a diverse range of client portfolios, and our experience has allowed us to become veterans at creating and managing end-to-end applications throughout the development life cycle. From conception to the availability of the product, we want the best Android architectural standard. We are here to boost your productivity, and with our expertise in dealing with clients worldwide and our comprehensive Android toolkit, we are able to meet and exceed your Android needs.

The Best In-class Android Features:

  • Integrating standard location based architecture along with GPS.
  • Streamlined feature support for Near Field Communication [ NFC ]
  • Sizeable data and information management with comprehensive capabilities like Streaming and indexing.
  • Cost effective implementation of augmented reality applications.

Our developers at Software Development are highly skilled at developing Android applications for enterprises and for consumers. We can design enterprise apps for Android that will allow your company’s multi-platform, multi-device strategy to continue to grow. With that in mind, we offer complete Android development services, including:

  • Android Application Designandroid-app-development
  • Android App Development
  • Android Development Outsourcing
  • Android Offshore Development
  • Android Professional Services

Our mobile programmers have, over time, developed different Android mobile apps including native Android applications, Android compatible web-based applications, and hybrid applications. We use the in-house modules and components have been developed over time for enterprise level device and user management and remote application management. Our team has extensive experience with the latest tools and technologies such like:

  • Android OS for Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Java for Android Development
  • SOAP, RESTful, Web Services, XML Parsing
  • Webkit, HTML5
  • Accelerometer, GPS, and Location Services
  • Push Notifications
  • MPEG4 and H.264 over HTTP / RTSP Streaming Video
  • Android Market, Handango, and MobiHand App Store Submission and App Store Optimizatio


Let our experts work with you to create your vision. We can help you create the next big thing!!!