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Development and Programming Services

Our clients rely on our expertise with C++ to build, improve, sustain and support all manner of software products and applications. Our programmers at Software Development have developed advanced systems for:c-plus-plus-development

  • application and network monitoring and recovery
  • high-performance computing
  • security and compliance management and
  • cutting-edge multi-media applications.

Software Development has also worked with major hardware and software systems companies to deliver end-to-end C++ development services for both Linux and Windows platforms. We have extensive experience across:

  • C++ Software Product Development
  • C++ Application Development
  • C++ Cross-Platform Development
  • C++ Professional Services
  • 14 years in business
  • 100+ clients
  • 300+ software releases/year
  • CMMi Level 3 Assessed Proficiencyt Backed by Years of Experience

Our C++ software development expertise has been developed through a number of years of projects and courtesy of our team’s collective experience with the following:

File Systems and Storage

  • Migrating File Systems
  • Porting file systems over UNIX and Windows
  • Developing backup algorithms like CDP and data de-duplication
  • Debugging techniques to provide support services over storage products
  • Developing storage management and storage virtualization solutions using QEMA virtualization and Xen virtualization engines.


  • System testing of various protocols
  • Penetration testing
  • File system protocol testing, such as CIFS, NFS
  • SNMP v2/3, SMI-S and SOAP protocol implementation and testing
  • Sockets Programming for protocol development on TCP/IP & UDP
  • SAN virtualization
  • High Availability

Multi-Media and Unified Communications

  • Building software components to manage audio/video streams
  • Using open source along with third-party audio/video encoding algorithms and mixing components

Device Drivers

  • Developing, supporting and validating storage device driverc-plus-plus-software-development
  • Porting device drivers to various operating systems
  • Kernel debugging to assist driver development
  • Developing device drivers for custom hardware

Operating Systems

  • Software porting at kernel and user level for multiple OS like BSD, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
  • Optimizing software for various operating systems
  • Kernel debugging
  • Implementing various algorithms for kernel, memory management and more

Embedded Systems

  • Developing embedded systems using Windows and Linux
  • Implementing Linux using ucLibc on set top boxes and game boxes
  • Implementing real-time solutions
  • Applying embedded software engineering skills using advanced toolchains like Buildroot and Crossdev

Security and Identity Managementsecurity-management-development

  • Identity Management systems like Open LDAP, eDirector
  • Security subsystems using Kerberos implementation and PAM development
  • OpenSSL for implementing various hashing and encryption algorithms

UI Development

  • UI development using MFC, wxWidgets, GTK+, QT
  • Web-based interfaces using C++ Web Server CGI Toolkits

Other Systems Technologies

  • Network wrappers over SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • POSIX Programming for POSIX Threads, POSIX Shared Memory and POSIX I/O
  • XML parsers and XML writers
  • Inotify for monitoring
  • Database connectivity
  • Shell Scripting and PERL scripting


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