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Best DSLRs to buy for videography

Best DSLRs to buy for videography

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Connecting and sharing of videos online has emerged as a massive market with high growth potential. YouTube now promises a steady career opportunity for many creative souls out there, and that is one reason for you to get a kick ass DSLR which will enable you to produce out of the world content.
It is important to invest in a good camera to produce high quality content. Now if you’re just a beginner and are not too keen on sharing your content with people, and only doing it to satisfy a hobby then im sure if you buy a good camera now maybe at some point in the future you would want the world to witness what you have created.

Without further ado let’s go over the options available in the market currently:

The industry has made some tremendous advancements in the recent years in making lower budget DSLRs shoot great videos, of course if you are looking for a HD movie material camera you will have to the extra mile and spend a bit more, but the options available right now make it people with different earning backgrounds to test waters they might not have been able to a few years back.

1. Cannon EOS 70D

Cannon is one of the best brands to start with and build on, it offers some amazing camera which give you a whole lot for the money. The 70D is an amazing example of the wide varieties of things you can do with your video. The main reason why this camera is so popular for shooting with is the auto focus, touch the screen where you want to focus and the camera will keep focusing on it even if the object keeps moving, this is an extremely handy option especially when you’re filing outdoors. The quality of video recorded is bright and sharp and you can really see the crispiness in the image once you view it on your laptop. Another great feature in the sound quality which is pretty decent on this one. It is a full frame camera and you have the options to select from a wide range of lenses you can use to shoot with. The lens which I find works best and gives incredible results is the 18-35mm.

Other bonus features include; long battery life, and Wi-Fi.


2. Sony A7R II

A7R II is a mirror less camera You get a full-frame 42.4-megapixel sensor – the second highest resolution of any full frame camera. The best thing about this is its light weight, you can run and shoot with this, one thing which is a point to note for other brands out there; to reduce the weight of the cameras, obviously the some lenses are heavy but in 2001 who knew we would have a thing called iPhone so there is definitely something brands should focus on. 5-axis image stabilization and professional video features including 4K. A7R II can now capture 14-bit uncompressed raw images for the maximum possible quality making it a great expert level camera.


3. Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera

This camera is great one, I won’t say that its super affordable but it is great investment below the $2000 mark. Being a mirror less camera it is pretty compact in size which is always a plus, also the lenses available for mirror less cameras are pretty compact so the overall weight of this camera is not anywhere close to other DSLRs which to be honest do make your hands hurt. Being weightless there are lenses chances of shaky video, plus it has great shake stabilization which makes it a great camera to walk around and film with, I personally like hand held videos, makes them seem more real, creative and artistic.


4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

No surprise here, it is THE camera suggestion you get when you say ‘I need a good camera for filming’ though it is a camera that does require a bit of getting used to and is a bit bigger in size which again will require a bit of getting used to, but once your hands get set on this bad boy there is no stopping you. It is A full frame camera and it offers a 22.3 MP sensor, Full HD (1080p at 30fps) – Additional movie functions include manual exposure control and an enhanced range of high bit-rate video compression options. The inbuilt mic on this is great if you’re filming without a boom mic, the camera’s Quick Control screen and a headphone socket enables sound level monitoring both during and after shooting. The quality of the image is highly professional, the video shot has a great depth in terms of color which you can edit a whole lot to get a desired result. There is not much to critique really, this camera is literally perfection and every videographers dream. It is on the expensive side but truly worth every penny.



5. Nikon D810

Nikon also has some great options to buy when it comes to videography. The D810 was released in 2014, its Full Frame 36.3MP sensor offers brilliantly remarkable image quality and dynamic range to 1080p videos recorded at 60/50/30/25/24p uncompressed to an external device like the Atomos Ninja-2, compressed to an internal CF/SD card or both simultaneously. Another great function on this camera is its capability to adjust its exposure to different lighting immediately, it wastes no time at all, the auto change in exposure is pretty much on point most times and you do not need to manually adjust it every time the lighting changes, this is a very strategic development by Nikon as I hate it when the lighting changes and after recording I notice the change when viewing the video, it just leaves me angry and unfulfilled, so it’s safe to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed filming with this camera.


6. Nikon D5300

More of a budget friendly option compared to the other cameras on this list. The D5300 is a great beginner level up camera- buy that I mean when you get a camera, test it out and feel that you want more but you don’t want to break the bank- then this is a great camera. It is also very good for still portrait and landscape photography. The video shooting capability is great on this one, I’ve noticed it films good in low lighting and higher ISO without compromising the quality of the video. The camera has a 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, EXPEED 4 image processing and the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi. It also records Full HD 1080p video at 60p with built-in stereo, wide ISO range for high quality videos in any light and improved full-time AF to keep the subject in focus. So to keep it short, it is one of the best decent priced DSLRs available.



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