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Top 7 video editing software for PC

Top 7 video editing software for PC

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Hello there, so if you’ve recently acquired a new found passion for video editing or you are about to start a career in video editing chances are that you are going to need a good video editing software which will show that you spent more than minute making your videos look professional and worth watching.
Video editing is just as important as shooting the video. Your shoot might turn out to be horrible, but can be made worth watching if the editing is just right.
So here is a list of 7 best video editing software for PC in 2015, based on the number of downloads, reviews and ratings;
1) Sony Vegas Movie Studio:
Now if you have a crappy laptop and it takes forever to run large files and programs chances are you are looking for something that doesn’t take too much space and screw with your operating system, then Sony Vegas Movie Studio is just your cup of tea. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is actually the minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro. With it you can do the basics, combine clips together, make use of transitions adding text to your videos, it also offers video stabilization, real time effect etc.


• Supported Platform: Windows
• Supported Input Formats: MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, QuickTime, MPEG-4 etc.
• Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG-4, WMV, WAV etc.
• Price: $59.00 (Trial version is available)

However this program can only edit ten video tracks and ten audio tracks at a time, so if you are looking to expand then the Platinum Edition of Sony Vegas Movie Studio, offers to edit with 20 video and 20 audio tracks. It can edit in multiple as well as standard 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and it’s one of the very few consumer editors that can also edit 24p video (after a manual frame rate setup)
2) AVS Video Editor
AVS Editor is a great software for beginners, its interface is highly simple easy to use, yet is prefect for producing professional quality videos. Considered to be the best video editing software for Windows it offers features like video stabilization, large number of video effects and transitions, support for Blu-ray videos, multilingual support, ability to share videos directly through platforms like Facebook etc.


Supported Platforms: Windows
Supported Input Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, AMV, 3GP, MPG, DAT, VCD etc.
Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, MPG etc.
Price: All software from AVS is available as a bundle for $59, but you have an unlimited trial version.
Key Features: HD Support, Non-destructive Editing, Single Video Track, Dual Audio track.
3) Lightworks
Now if you are a bit fussy over the fact that I am only talking about software for Windows, you have the option to download Lightworks because it works on Windows, OSX and Linux, or if you are using some other operating system then the three mentioned then help you GOD! This software enables you to take control through your keyboard which is highly useful when you are selecting clips to join together.
This software has been used to edit major Hollywood blusters including; The kings Speech, Bruce Almighty, The wolf of Wall Street, Jerry Maguire, Pride and Prejudice etc I mean I don’t think I need to explain this software further?!


• Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux
• Supported Input Formats: Almost Every Video Format including High Definition ones
• Supported Output Formats: Almost Every Video Format including High Definition ones
• Price: Lightworks is free to download, but it has a Pro version as well
• Key Features: HD Support, Non-destructive editing, storyboard mode, unlimited video tracks and audio tracks, Linear timecode display

4) Cyberlink Power Director:
This software is simple and easy to use and fits a large variety of customers, be it the ones who just edit videos as a passion or those who peruse it professionally, this editor further simplifies your life by letting you edit videos through your smartphones app, now you can go to town with the editing whist you are literally going to town. This software offers professional looking animations, transitions, title designs and just about anything you need to create kick ass videos.
• Supported Platforms: Windows
• Supported Input Formats: FLV, AVI, 3GP, AVI, DAT, WMV, MPEG-4, MP4 etc
• Supported Output Formats: MVC, MPEG-4, MKV, WMV, QuickTime etc.
• Price: $74.99
• Key Features: High Definition support, NDE, 100 audio and video tracks, linear timecode display and storyboard mode

5) ivsEdits
Now if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend on video editing software then hath no feareth! ivsEdits is a brilliant software which is available for download for FREE! It offers a multi camera editing option which is of the likes of many high end professional software. It provides an exceptionally powerful 4K/2K/HD/SD editing solution for any post/live production environment.


6) Adobe Premier Pro:
In terms of affordability, right at the opposite end of ivsEdit we have Adobe Premier Pro, however it is the money you will never regret spending. It offers bespoke editing options, filters, after editing masking clips. If you have previously used Adobe Photoshop then you can master this software like a boss, it equips you with unlimited options to make your videos look pretty and professional. And the best thing is that it is compatible with both Windows and MAC.

• Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac and Cloud
• Supported Formats: Almost every popular video format
• Price: Individual and combo are available through official site of Premier Pro
• Key Features: HD Support, Multi Track editing, storyboard mode, unlimited audio and video tracks, linear timecode display and NDE

7) Windows Movie Maker:
Most of you by this point would be like, whaa? Movie maker!? Let’s be honest it is not the best or the most reliable software out there, but it doesn’t claim to be either, it is a free software which comes installed with your windows computer. When I was younger I loved to make slide shows of the popular Disney movies and add my favorite songs to them and watch them over and over again. Point being this software is a great learning platform for those who are just wetting their feet in professional video editing. If you are a beginner and have no clue about the As and Bs then this software is your safe haven. It lets you combine clips together, add transitions, effects, titles, credits, audio and lets you control the speed, plus it helps rendering and sharing the video in universal video formats which makes it easy to share on social media, and did I mention it was free?!
• Supported Platforms: Windows
• Supported Formats: Any Windows-compatible media format
• Price: Free
• Key Features: HD Support, Storyboard Mode, 1 video track and 2 audio tracks, linear timecode display.

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