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Xbox one or PS4?

Xbox one or PS4?

Al Khan No Comment

So, if you’re a gammer whose just only started to game, then I’m sure you’re gonna need a gaming console. Deciding which one to buy is always tough, with heavy duty marketing its just one of those first world problems that you just seem to get rid of.

First you justify to yourself as to why you’re buying the gaming console that you choose and THEN there is always that one friend who is going to go ‘so why did you thins, the other one is son much better’ AH makes me go crazy every time!

So in order to let you make a well constructed and a highly thought about decision, I have taken the responsibility upon myself to educate you about each of these two gaming devices, and what exactly they are and what makes them similar yet so different.


In terms of the design bot the consoles are poles apart, xBox is a big chunky box, which you will have to make room for near your TV, whilst PS4 is smaller and sleeker, and wins in my books in terms of design. Both these devices are available in black as well as in white.


Both consoles start with 500GB of storage, which will fill up fast considering how many games take up upward of 50GB on your hard drive. Both consoles offer expandable storage, however xbox one takes the upper hand as you can simply plug in any USB 3.0 external hard drive for more space. On PS4, you’ll have to open up your console and swap in a new 2.5-inch or SATA drive.



The xbox one controller has improved since its predecessors but there haven’t been any major redesign, just some slight changes, however with the release of Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller, which mind you will cost you around a $150, you will be able to access features like built-in soft grips, swappable thumb sticks and d-pads, and fully remappable buttons. Its still a pain that the controller still requires a batteries to run, especially when you run out and you have no spare ones!

The major change that I have noticed in the new controller is the built in rumble motors into the triggers to give you feedback when, for example, shooting guns, this function understandably makes the Xbox One the better console to play racing games on


On the other hand PS4’s DualShock 4 controller has more special features than the standard Xbox One pad, with a front-facing touchpad, motion-control capabilities, a built-in speaker, and a light bar at the top that changes colors based on your battery level or the game you’re playing.


Both the consoles have an 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor with 8GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon GPU and a 500GB hard drive. Both consoles support expandable storage: the PS4 via its swappable SSD drive, and the Xbox One via just about any external USB 3.0 storage drive.

To be honest I’m not someone to go GAGA over how crystal the graphics are but many of my gamer friends make it a huge deal, both the consoles have killer resolution, however PS4 slightly has the upper hand as the games look better on it compared to how they look and feel on the xbox one. Games run on 1080 p on the xbox whilst run on 900p on the xbox.

If you are particularly looking for a console, which will give you killer graphics and will blow your brains out and maybe give you an eye orgasm –if that’s a thing- then PS4 is your best bet .

Interface and streaming

The latest interface on the xbox one completely revamps the look and the whole feel of the console, it operates Windows 10,there is a larger display of icons, shortcuts for getting to your games quickly, and, perhaps most notably, features a new guide that lets you reach your friends, notifications and messages with a single button-tap, this feature I believe is super useful especially if you like to multitask while gaming.

On the other side of the ring- PS4 allows its users to ‘do it all’ A quick tap of the DualShock 4’s Share button brings up a menu that lets you record a clip, broadcast your gameplay or take a screenshot.

PS4 also allows its users to instantly broadcast and share their videos on YouTube and Facebook, while Xbox one users can only share them on twitter. Also the PS4-exclusive Share Play feature lets you give control of your game to an online friend for up to 60 minutes, so long as that person has Plus.

Also you can access Netflix for free on the PS4, whilst in order to get the service on the XBOX one you get paid access to application Via Xbox Live Gold Subscription. Shit just got real!

However one major advantage of owing the XBOX one is that you don’t need to throw away your previous XBOX 360 games, or if you never owned an XBOX 360 and you want to play a game not yet released on the XBOX one then the best feature of all, introduced by Microsoft is the backward compatibility, Microsoft plans on rolling out support for new Xbox 360 games every month, meaning most of your old games should work on the Xbox One sooner or later, just hope its sooner and not later!
Sony has also been working on achieving something similar, by making PlayStation 2 games playable on PS4, though specifics on the feature are currently scarce and the feature is largely still under development. The option available to you now by Sony to pay for PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream a small library of PS3 games from the cloud for $20 a month.


Now if you are more of ‘I want it all person who wants gaming but also want to watch movies on the console then XBOX one wins by miles. One of the system’s key distinguishing features is its ability to transmit your cable box’s TV signal, allowing you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show. It can also snap your TV feed to the top right of the screen so you can do both at once. A great option for those of you whose moms or girlfriends keep screaming, you don’t let me watch TV!!

Online gameplay and overall experience

Both Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold ($60 yearly, $10 monthly) and Sony’s PlayStation Plus ($50 yearly, $10 monthly) online services are required for you to play any game’s online multiplayer mode, and both come with their fair share of extra goodies.

Both consoles offer frequent discounts on digital games, and both provide cloud storage in different capacities. PlayStation Plus provides 10GB of cloud storage, whereas all your Xbox One saves are backed up to the cloud regardless of whether you have Xbox Live Gold.

Final Verdict

Okay so after a very neck to neck comparison it is very hard to suggest a winner, because the pick depends largely on preference of the user.

PS4 has a superior hardware and, sharing capabilities deliver a more user-friendly experience!

While Xbox One’s robust first-party game lineup, backward compatibility and rich entertainment options make it the more versatile box.


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