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How Celebrities Use Social Media As a Prime Marketing Tool

How Celebrities Use Social Media As a Prime Marketing Tool

Al Khan No Comment

Controversy is the best policy: One thing I have learned from watching a whole bunch of viral videos is that be different, be controversial, especially if you advertise through apps like Facebook, I say this because people on Facebook love drama, I don’t blame the average Facebook user, I mean its 2015 and people don’t care if you’ve recently checked into your bathroom or your neighborhood MC Donald’s, they want to know how many people you slept with the past weekend, so if you want people to remember you, be different, stand out and say things your competitors wont say, now if you are serious business and by serious I mean a clothing store trying to sell your products, talk about the latest trends by criticizing the celebs doing it wrong, make a bold statement and get people talking. If you’re a blogger choose titles which are appealing, for example you’re going to talk about best places to eat on a night out, then title the post as ‘Foods that’ll give you an orgasm’ rather then your usual, play it safe ‘The best food you’ll ever eat’. Quickly revisiting our ‘sex sells’ ideology, I remember I once had a manger who would always tell me after reviewing my work, “Put some sex in this”, and Amen was he right, bless him.


Now I am not a Donald Trump supporter but this guy sure knows how to stay in the news!


Talk the talk- The Social Media Way

It is time you realize that the slang you once used on MSN messenger has gotten old and kids these days are using a whole new level of slang, no matter how old you are and how serious your organizations’ mission statement is know the internet lingo! Use the layman language and make yourself as relatable as possible, if you are a twitter advertiser then use the appropriate hash tags don’t be ashamed of using 20 hash tags in one tweet, if it works who’s judging? Also there are so many nice ways to send out a tweet, one can use the 140 characters to their advantage and get the word out without being too boring. Follow and re-tweet the right people and who knows one day maybe you’ll be a verified twitter user.


What did I tell you about sex selling?? The Kardiashians’ are the epitome of social media optimization


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