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Easy Steps to Win At Social Media Optimization

Easy Steps to Win At Social Media Optimization

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Keep It Short, To The Point, Simply Put no BS

Another way to get more people to notice you online is be brief and don’t waste time, time is money and no one wants to spend 10 minutes reading which photo editing app is the best, MAKE IT SHORT! The most annoying thing is when I want to find out which app I should download to edit photos and there are 10 lines describing each app, honey ain’t nobody got time for that! Also when promoting your content don’t use language that one would require the Oxford dictionary to decipher your English, stop being cocky, its good you have nice knowledge of the English language but unless you’re Shakespeare I genuinely don’t care, and chances are others don’t either.


Know Thy Audience & Publish To Their Taste

websites and blogging sites these days give you so many statistic details which in the olden days would be an analysts job to collect, and now you have all that information just a click away, USE IT! See what is interesting your readers and then give them exactly that, make use of your personality and advertise yourself as a brand, sell yourself as a brand, what is a brand? Something everyone knows of, be that, how can you be that? Pay attention to your followers, the more customer satisfaction approach you have the more you are going to win at life.
Ever wonder why some people have so many friends? Because they tell you what you want to hear, the pressure is less when it comes to social media and so use that to your advantage. Check your statistics daily, make a plan on what you want to do with your content online and who your targeted audience is, when you figure that out, it’ll be a walk in the park!
The importance of networking: Not going lie, I’ve learned this the hard way but networking is extremely important, if you think you are going to be discovered then you might as well still believe in Santa Clause, you need to go out there and socialize with people who are selling similar to what you are selling, make friends with them and soon their friends will be your friends, admire appreciate, learn their approach and with that grow. One reason why some Youtubers are where they are today is because of networking, once you feature on someone else’s social media their followers become interested in you, and that’s how you win at life people, SOCIALIZE.


Don’t be that guy!

Keep Posting – Keep Posting – KEEEP POSSTTTING

one of the biggest DONTS is to not update your social media, be as interactive as possible, I have seen many Facebook pages, Instagram accounts of different brands/bloggers which were last updated a year ago, I mean come one, did you get hit by a bus? Here is an example, I was having wet dreams about going fall shopping recently, and I dint want to physically leave my house so I settled for online shopping and some brands had not updated their Facebook pages with pictures of the new stock, that literally made my blood boil, of course if it’s a big brand their sites are always up to date, but that is the reason why they are big, all their social media is updated, having a kick ass social media presence will not only attract more customers but will help you wet your feet in international boarders, chances for expansion and basically make sure the global village grows

Build a Thriving Online Presence With Exciting Content

there is a reason why some bloggers are bigger than others, it is because they sell themselves before they sell anything else, now I’m not saying you should sell your soul to the devil, but if you are a blogger/brand put a face to what you are selling, f there is no face, chances are people are going to forget you. Be friendly and as relatable as possible, if you’re boring then no one will listen to what you have to say, be as bubbly and excited about things as possible, now if you are a manly man reading this, you’ll be like The Fuck? Have no fear, you can be bubbly as well without having to put your hands up and saying “oh emm geee” no if you are talking about the latest iPhone release you can make yourself interesting by not talking about the walls of the aperture on the camera (if that’s even a thing), trust me majority of the users visiting your page will by all means give not a single shit about it, but upload pictures taken from the camera and have a side by side comparison with pictures taken from similar phones, better yet make a video and show the people, sell yourself as a personality that your readers/viewers will want to listen to what you have to say.



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