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Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Al Khan No Comment

In the current of age of Tumblr one needs to be on top of their photo editing game, its equivalent to owning a Gameboy advance SP back in the day to make sure you are part of the cool kids in school, now because we live in the age of internet and childhood obesity one must ensure they have the best photo editing apps present in their back pocket.

Lets get started, to equip you with the knowledge by which you can be the best photo editor out there;

1) Instagram:

Surprise surpise! To be honest, i don’t have the time and patience to open up various apps which I have on my phone just to edit a picture, I take it to instagarm and valenciofy it and BOOM magic! Instagram has some of the best filters ever, which will make your photos look absolutely flawless. Since its last update you now have the options to control how much the filter applies to the picture, you can also play with the brightness, saturation, warmth and sharpness of the image. Trust me it’s a win!


For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

2) Pixlr Express:

I love this application and the best part is that you can also use this on a desktop, I like this application because it lets you focus on the Nitti gritty, i.e resizing the photo, taking care of blemishes (I know we all do it) adding a bokeh, text and unlimited filters to choose from. Another feature I like about this app is that it lets you control the size you want to save your image without losing quality which is amazing. Plus the app is incredibly easy to use.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

3) PicsArt Photo Studio:

Now this app gets be excited, I’ve seen YouTubers use this to make their video thumbnails, it gives you unlimited amount of filters to choose from, plus the bokeh are incredibly cool, there is something for everyone, if you want retro this app has retro, you want girly, sporty, manly, this app has it all. It gives the option to whiten your teeth, face basically anything, also it lets you fake a tan even in the coldest of winters.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE




4) FaceTune:

Now if you’re someone who likes posting selfies on instagram then facetune is your bitch. It lets you do EVERYTHING! You want a thigh gap, you can get a thigh gap and only for 99 cents, tell your plastic surgeon that you might as well put him out of business. Also for those of you who enjoy uploading makeup selfies this is perfect to smooth everything out and trick everyone else into thinking that you have flawless skin. You can also reshape your nose and your jawline! Somebody tell Kylie Jenner about this app poor soul is spending bajillions on this kind stuff, someone needs to tell her its only for 99 cents!
For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: $0.99



5) PicLab HD:

This app has TUMBLR material written all over it. This app lets you create nifty little photos which has text written on them ever so beautifully that even Kate Middleton seems less classier in front of. You can either edit a photo through this app or select from the library it offers and lets you boast about the pictures on your social media. PicLab HD features full layer-based editing and also packs plenty of tools for making your original photo look its best, with loads of lighting and film effects to choose from as well as preset photo filters and adjustment tools for fine tuning the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and the blur level of your photos.

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: $1.99

6) Font Candy:

Now if you don’t want to pay for getting text on your photos then font candy is the next best thing. I personally like this better primarily because of its simplicity, pick a font and type away, this app gives you the option to add dividers, and shapes and inspirational quotes on your photos and is perfect for making YouTube thumbnails, it also lets you edit photos through a number of filters

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE




7) Cymera:

So if you’re not very good at doing makeup or you want to touch up your makeup, download Cymera, this app lets you apply blush, eyeliner and even lets you apply false lashes! It also offers huge variety of hand-picked filters, shooting modes, face detection, collage effects and more than 800 decoration options.


For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE

8) Instasize:

this app not only lets you upload rectangular shaped photos and videos to instagram it also offers a vide variety of filters, it’s a no nonsense app, if you just want to upload a photo or video without having the hassle to edit it just use this app its simple easy to use and time saving.


9) Photo Blender:

I like the concept behind this app, its limited in terms of editing options but it lets you create artistic photos. Basically you take two photos and blend them together which once together give a suggestive idea, like for example the picture below overlooks from an air plane window and the other picture shows where the person would rather be, so you could take the Eiffel tower and post a photo of yourself because lets face it why wouldn’t you want to be in Paris?

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE


10) Photo editor by Aviary:

This is your basic editing app, but the thing which stands out is that the filers and editing options it offers make your photos look sophisticated, it gives your photos a vintage-isq vogue vibe which is so in these days, if you have ever visited blogs online you’ll see what I mean, the clean cut images, which have a certain air of modesty and pride in them, the word I’m looking for is Jane Austin, YES if you’re a Jane Austin fan you’ll love this application!

For: Both iOS and Ardroid
Price: FREE



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