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The next big thing in technology….The Kardashians

The next big thing in technology….The Kardashians

Al Khan No Comment

Would it be wrong to say that The Kardashians’ are the pioneers of modern technology? I mean they use technology to their biggest advantage, they have a reality TV show, a clothing line, websites and mobile phone apps, its only time that they will have their very own TV channel!

So lets backup a little bit to when Kim K was just an ordinary girl, of course she was besties with Paris Hilton who then she got a reality tv show and started thinking that Kim K wasn’t cool enough so she dumped her but who knew that in a few years time Kim K would made a viral sex tape which would land her and the gang a reality TV show and would make them the most sought after family ever?!

I have tried many times to come up with reasons as to why people like them so much? And why are they so heavily publicized I mean even if they poop its news, ever wonder why? The only answer that comes to mind is that this is the new technology era.

Confused? Me too! So lets break it down, shall we?

They make you like them:

lets be honest they are everywhere, just like the iPhone! Kudos to Apples marketing team, they are tech geniuses, so everyone knows when the iPhone is going to come out, they have set a month (September) when they release the new iPhone, and when its coming out EVERYONE KNOWS, even those ‘I prefer androids because we are better than iPhone users because we have an android which has a zillion personalization features I have and will never use’ type. They get people talking they create a stir and that’s exactly the same policy the Kardashians’ use to manipulate us into liking them.

Think about it, their every move is recorded for all to see, their scandalous lives stir debate and that’s why they are everywhere, because they are the new game boy, when it comes out you gotta have it and so if everyone’s talking about the Kardashians’ you have to stay up to date as well.

They rule social media:

okay so when Kylie Jenner posts a photo on instagram I get a notification?!? Whyyy I mean I follow Taylor Swift as well but when she posts a photo I don’t get a notification! This is called forceful advertisement, naturally if Instagram is sending you a notification every time Kylie Jenner posts a photo you HAVE to check it out, it becomes your honorable duty to you country and all of mankind.

Reality is overrated:

So I’d like to think that the human race in general is nosy, we like to know what kind of lives our friends, our neighbors, cute guy across the street lead, or the next door babe and when someone comes and tell you that you can actually see them living their lives and get to know their deepest darkest secrets, you sir would feel as if you have cheated the gods of privacy and have a special power to get a peak inside someone else’s life, that is what the Kardashians do, they let you see what of lives they have, and how many guys/girls they date, who they sleep with and how many times they have gone under the knife, BUT the biggest advantage they have is, they control what you get to see! Now I’m sorry if I’m bursting your bubble ‘Oh no reality TV is real’ its not.

For instance take your average youtube vlogger, they hold the reins on what they release on the internet, they have the power to edit and delete everything they post, and with the Kardashians’ they have a whole professional team working for them, so obviously they make it all fancy and interesting.


the most important factor that has made them what they are, is branding! They brand everything, from head to toe.

Kim K is stupid, why? Because she has said some of the most stupidest things ever, like her biggest insecurity is stretch marks??? Whaaat! And this is a branding quality, I mean if she started talking about physics who would watch her? I know I wouldn’t so her brand is being stupid. For Kylie her brand is her hair which she changes almost everyday, they have made themselves into brands by doing things we would only dream of doing.

Lets talk about how the sisters have made themselves even bigger bands (as if that was possible) by releasing their own mobile apps. I recently downloaded Kendalls’ and Kylies’ app, and Ill be honest I was amazed with what they have done with them, they are highly addictive for starters, the girls have turned to a more personal approach with their fans (for those of you complaining they are nothing like us, download the apps).

The girls do OOTD (outfit of the day) posts and tell their fans who they are wearing, they write about their day and what they do in their downtime, I mean that’s like scoring 10,000,000 points against the privacy god.

Here are pictures for you to see how personal Kendall and Kylies apps really are:

1 2 3
4 5 6

Question is, who doesn’t want to look like her?

Now if that is not personal then what is?

Plastic is the new pretty:

so we all know Kylie and Kims butt is plastic, no matter how many times they’ve denied it, we have known, or have we? This constant feeling of not knowing has made us even more interested rather obsessed with knowing, is it really plastic? Or does a body figure like that exists.

I mean if it weren’t for all those casualties occurring because some girls went a little overboard with the Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge, she would have never admitted to getting fillers.

Lets face it a perfect body does not exist, and nobody is the most beautiful girl in the world because there will always be someone prettier than her. But this constant guessing game and undying speculation have made us watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, which I’m sure we are not proud of.

So the question still remains, WHY do people like the Kardashians?

The answer is simple, they don’t. They like the idea behind the Kardashians, it’s a way for people to see all the things they would not have and that just makes us feel as if we are closer to getting it but in reality the whole concept is so far fetched, that’s why, is it wrong to say that they are the pioneers of modern technology?


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