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5 Things You Need to Know Before Contacting a Web Developer in Naples


5 Things You Need to Know Before Contacting a Web Developer in Naples

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Those days are long gone when customers visited brick-and-mortar stores directly to buy a particular product or acquire a service. Nowadays, almost all customers check and research about brands online to determine their trustworthiness and quality of service. Therefore, if you want to increase the exposure of your brand, investing in a professionally designed website is important.

Of course, finding the right agency for the job takes time. By educating yourself, however, you can see what the process looks like and take the time out to choose someone who can complete your project. So, take the time out to read these five things below before contacting a web developer in Naples.

1.    Assess Your Needs

Your website will be displaying the core values, mission, and aims of your business. This requires you to assess your needs and determine what you want your website to reveal. You need to have a plan in place prior to getting your website coded and working on its SEO. Figure out what you will write for the description, how you will sell your products, and whether or not you will introduce special deals and discounts. Your website has to have goals and you need to prioritize them.


2.    Target Audience

Although most websites plan to target their main audience after the designing is done, it is better for you to determine this factor beforehand. Figure out who will your customers be, how they will get to know about your brand, and what different can you offer from the competitors. It is a good idea to check out competitor websites to get an idea on how to target your content. This can enable you to leverage good strategies and technologies that might help your website rank better in the future.

3.    Unique Value Proposition

Neither the developer nor the designer can get you here. You need to give considerable thought to what unique service you will be offering to your customers. Bear in mind that you need to offer something different in order to get people to do business with you. In one sentence, figure out “what makes you better than your competition?” Once you have all this sorted out, you can easily present your unique proposition on your new website. (Remember visitors are just a click away from checking out another website).

4.    Basic Website Architecture

This may sound a tad complicated, but there’s nothing to worry about. Try looking for a few website templates tailored specifically for your services and based on your business industry. This can give you an idea on how to lay out the menu structure of your site. Bear in mind that each page should have a hierarchical order and a solid purpose. This way, you can help visitors efficiently navigating through your site. Think of it as “blue prints” of constructing a home.

5.    Content is King

Last, but not the least, figure out what content you will be adding on your website for attracting customers. Your content must be unique, appealing, and informative to customers and shouldn’t just be limited to text. Make sure to leverage image, video, infographics and other graphic mediums for proper representation of services.


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