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Most Annoying Types of people you’re friends with on Facebook

Most Annoying Types of people you’re friends with on Facebook

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I recently did a post on the most annoying types of people you’ll find on Instagram, and I thought it only made sense to do a whole article on the annoying types on Facebook. Facebook is older and has more traffic hence more variety of annoying people which am sure you we all have in our friends list.
So let’s get started;

1. The politician

Seems quite fitting provided the circumstances, we all have that friend who would rather be out there giving speeches and running for president, but that seems a bit farfetched so they sit at home and share news articles, all day erryday. From topics ranging from refugees to the governments health care spent, these people care so much that sometimes us mere mortals feel as if our life is worth nothing and is just as meaningless as Donald Trump’s speeches these days.

2. The viral friendship

I thought writing on people walls was a past story and the world had since moved on since the update to the timeline version, but nope I was wrong, some people even today post on each other’s timeline displaying fully how good chummies they are. From posts ranging from I miss you to all sorts of inside jokes. Somebody introduce them to whatsapp!

3. The PDA queen/king

What’s more annoying than a viral friendship is the PDAers, now these people aren’t necessarily friends with their targets, but they just have to show the whole world how getting coffee from Starbucks this morning reminded them of that one time they got Starbucks with their friend, I mean come on.

4. The serial likers

Okay so it’s a good thing to show your appreciation once in a while but every time a cute girl posts a photo this bro is there and is the first one to communicate his approval, heck sometimes these seriel likers run out of material to like so they start liking their own photos. There is only one thing they are getting by this and it’s called ‘friend zone forever’


5. The photographer

This category is everywhere, so it started with mobile uploads and now its Instagram uploads. Bro you have the same people on both apps why are you making people like the same photo twice, and no, nobody cares if had Mc Donald’s for lunch.

6. The ‘TMI’ crowd

Okay I personally delete anyone who starts sharing way too much information on Facebook, it’s cool that you’ve checked in at your favorite restaurant, but you don’t need to update your entire friends list where you are every half hour and surely no one in your friends list gives a rats ass if you’ve just checked into your bed. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat


7. The party crowd

It’s great that you like to party, but posting noting but hazy club pictures every weekend is kind boring, don’t you think? Also would you want your future employer to know that you like smoking weed every Sunday?
And if you make the risky choice to sell drugs, don’t make a status about how you just picked up a few ounces and everyone can hit you up about it. Law enforcement officials are likely to be your first customer — you just publicly admitted to illegal activity.

8. The fake profiles

Before I begin to describe these people, my question, which im sure is a question that many sane Facebook users would have – Why would anyone make a fake account? Atleast once in two weeks you probably get one friend request by someone called ‘Daddy’s princess’ or ‘Barbie girl’ when you open her profile all you see has she has liked One direction and high school musical which Is completely okay, but we have no mutual friends how on earth did you find me, and oh you only have 11 friends, great I just wasted 5 minutes of my life!

9. The serial friend shipper

I’m sure we all get friends requests, but there is a hike in the number of friend requests, then think hard if you’ve recently commented on a public thread, video or picture, if you have then chances are that some people might have found your profile picture cute and decided to add you. Sir, I don’t know you so I won’t add you, bye.


10. The other messages

Now if you’re a girl life is hard for you as it is, you also have a whole long list of other messages where random blokes drop by their heartiest sentiments saying how much in love with you they are, and if you don’t reply they will question your character and say ‘ why so much attitude am only trying to be friends.’ Well Sire, there is a reason why I did not respond, I don’t want anything to do with you!

11. The shy girl

Okay so I hate it when girl overload my newsfeed with their selfies, but what really makes my eye balls bleed are the girls who post pictures of themselves and don’t ever show their face properly, these are the types who think they are above everyone and no one can handle their beauty! I have many a times seen girl posting a photo but they will hide their face with their hand, why do you even have a Facebook profile?


12. The one with the heart of gold

While us mere mortals are just getting through the day, this guy is donating all his money to charity, his hair for cancer patients, running a marathon to raise child abuse awareness and by night is helping out at the homeless shelter. I don’t think even Hilary Clinton can compete with this guy!

13. The friend who got married

Getting married is definitely a life story worthy event, but if every week you’re going to upload a photo from you’re wedding I might as well just throw up the next time I see it. And it’s okay to share your wedding photos but its been 3 years since your wedding, maybe the time has come that you stop?

14. The EDM-er

So we have the party goers and drinker, but the EDM-ers just chill, they have attended almost every frat party and rave on and off campus, all their pictures are wearing neon, sweaty and holding beer bottles. I would have envied your lifestyle to be honest you’re just a big baby!


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