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How to get discovered on YouTube

How to get discovered on YouTube

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Hey there? Tired of scavenging through the internet trying to find answers to one simple question; How to make it big on YouTube?

I know it can be very exhausting, especially when all the articles you’ve read tell you the same thing over and over again and they are not getting you anywhere.

You’ve come to the right place, because I’ll keep it as real as possible for you.
There is no perfect recipe for making it big on YouTube, but if you are starting out from YouTube to grow yourself or whatever you are promoting then take a deep breath because at least there is one thing you are doing right, i.e; youtubing 

Now first things first, if you want people to watch your videos then make sure the videos are watchable. You can make amazing quality content even from your phone (just make sure its in landscape, or else you’ll have a awkward looking video)

Lighting, good audio quality are key in making a video look pretty and professional. Another important aspect of video sharing is editing it with he right tools, now there are many video editing software out there, choose one of your liking that fits your needs and just be creative with it.

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Now that we have the basics covered it is time that your video hits the market, that is it goes online.

Now one of the most important thing is to show your personality through your videos, be as happy and positive as possible that is what makes people watch you and come back for more, one thing ive noticed that gets you subscribers is if you make people laugh. Now you don’t have to be super funny but a little bit of good old sarcasm will do just fine. People online like to connect with others so if you are relatable to a large audience im sure you’ll be getting subscribers out of them.

Now if you think you will discovered on YouTube just as Justin Bieber was discovered then it is time you get rid of that mindset, you need to go out there and throw yourself at people.

Video Titles

Keep engaging titles for your videos, this works extremely well in most cases, especially when the title of your video suggests something which is in and current at the moment. Its kind of like cheating but not really. Here is an example, ive clicked on many videos saying iPhone 6s in Rose Gold, and the video turned out to be a 15 minute vlog which only featured the phone for the last 5 mins of the video. I was outraged, Hell YES! But did I subscribe to that vlogger? HELL YES

This is for sure a gamble but it gets you the views, and if people end up liking your video then you have a new subscriber.


Now when you upload a video on YouTube you will see the option to put in Tags, now these tags will help in making money for you, what you put in these tags will help YouTube ads to figure out what your video is about and then will tailor and customize the ads other people will see on their screens.
So next time when you upload a video say about clothes then leave in the brands for those clothes and the rest will be magic

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Ever wonder why Zoe Sug a.k.a Zoella on YouTube and her gang of friends so famous, it is because they network the most of all the Youtubers ive seen, they have a shared fan base now, they have managed to make friends with other Youtubers and have made like a spider web of viewers from which they all benefit from.

You can also do this by engaging with other smaller youtubers, comment on their videos be polite and maybe make friends, feature on each others videos, the more you network the better it is for your online presence.

Create Links

Creating links means sharing your content on social media, take advantage of the apps you have already, share your stuff on Instagram, twitter, if you have your own website that just makes it better because you can promote your site and YouTube together. The more links you have connecting to a video the more chances of traffic coming in.

Promote your brand

When you have a Youtube channel, you are your own brand so market yourself. Leave links for your videos at the end of all your videos to encourage people to watch you more, ask for comments, likes and subscriptions, if you wont then who will?


Thumbnails are the first thing that people see and that is what they judge you and your video by. They always teach you; Don’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is we all do because we don’t like giving people the benefit of doubt, hence it is important that you enable the ‘upload custom thumbnail’ option in your account settings and create a custom thumbnail for all your videos. The thumbnail should be pretty enough to give the viewer an idea what to expect

For eg:


Look presentable

Now if you are someone who likes to slack around in pjs, that great you’re a laid back kind of a person but if you think that will make people watch your videos then you my friend are wrong. People on the Internet are bullies and if you wear something questionable or if you don’t look your best chances are you will have that one commenter saying ‘eww you’re ugly’. If you wish to avoid that then bring in you’re A game when it comes to presenting yourself

Playlist Urls

This feature was added to YouTube in 2012, so YouTube rates videos depending on their watch time and average duration viewed by people, in order to rank higher in YouTube search then make sure you maximize the YouTube experience for your viewers, make playlists and endorse them, encourage people to view more videos by you, talk about them in your videos.

These are a few tricks that you can follow, they are not a guaranteed success, but if you keep consistent with your videos and quality and incorporate these few but important points, you’re going to make it, It will be a slow process, so patience is key, but I promise you, you will make it 


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