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Scaling Online Business By Out-Sourcing – PART 2 Management

Scaling Online Business By Out-Sourcing – PART 2 Management

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So I am assuming that you’ve found the ONE.. Yes we’re talking about the person who will be a firewall between you & work anxiety, your go getter, your oracle, your problem solver. Mike to your Harvey – Robin to your Batman… *sigh you know what I am trying to get at! So it’s time to focus now coz this the most important part, it is a make or break. These creatures are very delicate, as I told you before in Part 1, respect is all they desire. If money was the objective, they won’t be doing what they’re doing. So how do you give someone the much needed & anticipated assurance that you dig them, you understand that they’re the best out there & you’re grateful that they decided to work with you.

Be Grateful

Oh yeah, they’ve options-choices, this outsourcing world is a sea. Like the deepest end of the sea with bajillions of people out there looking to hire. SO consider yourself lucky if you find that rare gem & he/she decided to stick with you. So yeah you should be grateful – and yeah you’re paying for the job blah blah blah & so will anyone else & if that person have a whiff of disrespect or disregard for the talent he/she brings to the table.. Woof! They will be gone, like that pigeon which you scared that used to sit on the tree near your window. SO it’s not always about the money, as Ali G would say #Respect!

Discuss Open Channel of Communications & Listen

The moment they step into your domain they will feel the need to make a couple of adjustments, these are changes that they need in order to function & deliver. You ought to provide that enabling environment or they will be of no use to you. Let’s be honest, if everything was so perfect then you won’t be needing them in the first place. So let them make the necessary adjustments, it’s for your own good. It’s a Win-Win, they get to design their own system & you get the monetary benefits. Coz once the ship starts sailing smooth, you know that follows cash flow. So let them pick their working environment, it can be hard but in hind sight it’s totally worth it. AND if they’re not too paranoid or have grown up from the post bachelorette adolescence they won’t rock the boat too much to your displeasure. This can be a tad difficult to adjust to, everyone wants to run things their way, but the important thing is that you should learn to provide a breathing space. Let them create their microclimate & in the meanwhile you can sit back & relax. Intervene when you see a discrepancy and you will see one, just give it some time, and when you do, that’s the time to move to the driving seat & make the compulsive intervention.

Define Realistic Goals & Deadlines (But don’t be a Di*k about it)

It’s very important for anyone, in order to accomplish some things there should be some guidelines & milestones to achieve. But this is for the bigger picture, you don’t have to be so anal about that thing you were supposed to do yesterday. This is life, stuff happens, things pop up at the last minute & sometimes it’s just not meant to be. So let take nature its course & go with the flow for a while. This is very important for establishing an environment that instills confidence & let this settle into minds of human resource tasked to help you run your operations, that they’re supposed to do the job, come what may or whenever. It also goes without saying that these goals & deadlines should be set after close & rigorous brainstorming sessions with concerned human resource tasked to carry out the job. This not only gives a sense of ownership but also helps gauge the interest level & determine whether or not you’re surrounded with people who share your vision. It’s very important that you surround yourself with people who share your vision about work philosophy & even life. This makes decision making easier, when there is a synchronization in thought & action it helps running the show. Therefore you need a Belieber on your side, who beliebs in you not that actual belieber but you know what I am getting at here. Remember as they say, handle with care, these are very delicate, useful & difficult to handle goods. You can gather the best human resource but if you suck at managing them you don’t deserve them in first place. The silver lining here is that they don’t need you to babysit them, you just need to get them, that’s all


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