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Startup Fundamentals

  • Get Inspired

You have come up with that great idea and now its time to get inspired. You have dreamed about owning your own business and making it a reality, now is the time.

  • Is it Feasible?

At this point, many times reality sets in. Questions run through your head wondering if it is a good idea or not. Begin your research and start research questions as to whether your business answers the following questions:

  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Does it fulfill a need or offer something the market wants?
  • What is the competition?
  • How will you fit into the market?

To answer these questions the simplest way is to join like-minded individuals and ask for their input. You can make it more difficult by perusing the trial and error method but this takes time and is less efficient.

  • Make a Plan

Without a plan it is impossible to make your idea a reality. Where is the investment coming from? A business plan is a must if you are seeking financial support from an investor and it is important to help keep you motivated and on the right track to success. A plan will help outline your goals and how you will reach them, but also outline your goals in terms of funding and marketing.

  • Build a Team

Your team is probably one of your most important assets. Without your team the business will fail. What Software Development does is help you identify your strengths, your roles and what else needs to be hired out. Let our team collaborate with you.

  • Chose a Business Structure

We can help recommend a structure based on your current situation Ultimately we advise that you talk with your accountant as each individual has unique situations.

  • Pick and Register Your Name

This is the face of your business. Make is something short and unique.

  • Choose Your Accounting System

How will your company keep track of its financials and how will it receive payments?

  • Promote Your Small Business

This is where Software Development comes into play. There are many different ways to promote a business. There are not many companies in the world today without a website. It is by far your hardest working employee. Your website works for you 24/7. Software development can help you create your website, logo, software and any other marketing materials you may need in order to promote your business.


Let our experts work with you to create your vision. We can help you create the next big thing!!!