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6 Ways to Use Social Media for Predicting Customer Behavior

6 Ways to Use Social Media for Predicting Customer Behavior

6 Ways to Use Social Media for Predicting Customer Behavior

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A successful business always keeps a check on what its customers have to say about their processes, products, and services. Where big companies use big data and advanced machine-learning algorithms for tracking customer behavior and identifying trends, smaller businesses with fewer resources and budgets may experience trouble. However, by simply analyzing data collected from social media, you can gain incredibly insight into the minds of your consumers, allowing you to discover new opportunities while improving processes. Take out the time to read these seven ways below on using social media for predicting customer behavior.

1.    Predict Demand

By monitoring, the most liked, commented and shared posts on your latest product offerings, businesses can understand what products are in most demand. As a result, this helps in understanding which products they need a boost in supply. You can even combine various trends from social media to build predictive models that aid in supply chain management.

2.    Creating Personalized Offers

Nowadays, customers tend to be more active on their mobile phones rather than desktops and laptops. This has led to them responding well to hyper-targeting and having experiences that are specifically tailored for them. By monitoring social media data and most active profiles on your pages, you can better understand what customers need and create personalized offers for them.


3.    Identifying Lapses in Operations

Social media is the ultimate tool for monitoring interactions and communicating with your target audience. This enables customers to present queries and ask questions regarding problems they are facing. Use this data for identifying where your operations are lacking. This can even help predicting if your customers are satisfied with yours services or not.

4.    Determining Influencers to Boost the Content

One of the best things about using social media is that once you develop a fan base, build trust among customers, and provide unique offerings, you will find influencers who can boost your content. These influencers know the inside on what customers need and probably want. Discover and engage these influences to give your content a boost. Since you will know exactly what customers want by predicting their behaviors, this can go the extra mile in putting your content in front of relevant followers.

5.    Improving Customer Support

Social media provides plenty of data for analyzing. Monitor each feedback and comment to figure out what issues your customers are facing and how you can provide solutions and improve your customer support. The best companies always share customer-related data obtained from social media and other sources to their support teams for increasing sales and conversions.

6.    Images, Videos, and Infographics

Predicting customer behavior can easily be done by posting images, videos, and infographics that provide customers with valuable info and further urging them to reveal what they want. With the right program in place, you can easily detect how many customers pay attention to your posts. Use this intelligence to win new customers and bring old ones back.

So, now that you are familiar with the ways mentioned above, predicting customer behavior using social media won’t be a problem.


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