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How Kylie & Kendall Are Using Technology to $$ Their Fame

How Kylie & Kendall Are Using Technology to $$ Their Fame

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It’s the age of social media, and everyone’s trying out their luck to make it big, some people have sisters famous for leaking their sex videos, getting boob jobs and then denying it, and having a step brother in law who just can’t keep asking people for money on twitter!


But to have all those going for you, you have to either be Kendell or Kylie Jenner! They are literally ruling social media right now, with Kendall walking the major runways and younger sister Kylie “realizing” things among other things. The Jenner sisters have become a household name with all tweens and teen following them on social media and parents having to buy their kids products that make their kids feel more like the Kardashians/Jenners! It’s a free world we live in, indeed!

Kendall and Kylie have definitely expanded their fame from posting caked up selfies on Instagram, they have made themselves into a business, it’s safe to say they have learned quite a lot from step sister Kim Kardashian who is the queen of social media herself.


Being a pretty face takes you places in the industry, but to stay and make your place you have to be entrepreneurial. The Jenner sisters have their own clothing line which is sold at PacSun and to be honest I dint find it different than your average crop tops and skinny jeans available in much affordable places, however a brand is a brand and makes you $$$.

Recently the sisters released their very own personal apps, to give their followers a more up close and personal insight  into their lives (as if Instagram wasn’t enough), but we know people to be nosey, and what do nosey people like? More material. However I would give kudos to the whole Jenner management team for not leaving enough material for paparazzi’s to spread, they release information on their own terms, showing people what they want to show, which results in less media speculating and scrutinizing your life. We have a detailed article dedicated to the sisters apps which you can download and keep on a monthly subscription basis.

Now let’s talk about the new release by the sisters that is currently trending; their new game.


Now if you’re someone who liked playing girly games in the past you’re going to love this, however you’ll also feel that the game is very unoriginal and there are many games on the App store which are JUST like what the sisters have released, apart from the fact that they are not based on a celebrity, of course. Kim K had also released a similar game earlier which follows a story pattern.


Now the game is a story based one as well, where the character moves to Santa Monica with the dreams to make themselves popular over social media, gain followers and get likes, because that is how we calculate self-worth these days.  Anyway, keeping the criticism at bay, I found the game to be quite addicting (just like every other similar game I’ve played). The game itself is pretty easy and you certainly don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how it works, I however sometimes feel that the game plays itself, and is super easy which I don’t really like.  The flow of the game is such that you play the character trying to get noticed, you can customize how the character looks, white, black, olive, no discrimination, you can also change the hairstyles, eye color, clothes, you know the jazz. Also side note: I really like the wardrobe, each level up you get to choose more clothes and makeup which is amazing and exciting if you’re a girl or gay, or a guy who like playing girly games, I mean, no discrimination!


The story has different levels which you complete after completing different tasks given to you, each level brings more tasks, which I found to be pretty uninspiring as all you are doing is clicking on stuff to get the level up points. It’s safe to say that people who actually like playing “games” will not find this entertaining in the slightest.

In the game you get to meet Kendall and Kylie and hang out with them at parties, the sisters also have videos they filmed for the app which you see along the way.  

The graphics of the game are just alright, nothing too great or something which we haven’t seen before, it’s just a random game promoted by famous sisters. We’ve all seen that before haven’t we, remember Marry-Kate and Ashley?

Kim Kardashian had previously released her self-titled game in which players get to do pretty much the same thing. The games release by the Kardashian/Jenners to summarize aren’t the slightest original but are pretty addictive, and are definitely enjoyable when your Wi-Fi won’t connect or work and you need entertainment.

There’s been a considerable amount of speculation going on that Kim Kardashian wasn’t too happy with the release of Kendall and Kylie’s new game, and posted a topless photo on Instagram to drive the attention away from the release, how wacked up is that? Kim K reportedly was set to earn a whopping $2million from her game which released last year.

Kylie Jenner has shared pictures and screenshots of the app on her Instagram, which resulted in her millions of followers downloading the game, this led to the game appear in the top 10 trending games on the app store

The main message of the game is what many are fighting against that is;  self-worth is positively related to the number of likes and followers. I mean I’m okay with that as it’s just a game, but it does set that mood, as that being the only thing which is important. Where are the angry moms now? I’m sure this is a point of protest ! If Barbie is now available in all different shapes and sizes why can’t people protest against  self-worth is not equal to number of followers?

And do you think the rumors regarding sibling rivalry are true, did Kim K really get jealous of her step sisters new venture, or is it just made up news to build the hype for normal folks like you and me to write and talk about?


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