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Nikon lenses you need to buy

Nikon lenses you need to buy

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Having a good camera is just not enough to take killer photos or videos, you need to also have a kick ass lens to do your bidding. If you own a Nikon camera then you’re in luck because there is a never ending list of options to choose from, however deciding on which lens to get is always tough. In this post my aim is to list down a number of options based on popularity and results. Let’s get started

1. Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D AF

Nikon 50mm

Opting to invest in a 50 mm lens is a no brainer really, it’s one of the best lens to get. The 50 mm comes in different varieties so you’ll see a f/1.8 D a f/1.4 D and so on. The one I would recommend is the f/1.8 D primarily because it is more affordable and gives amazing quality images. The trademark 50 mm result is the blur background and the crisp focus point, which makes it one of the best lenses to take portraits with, it works well in low lighting compared to the f/1.4 D. and each shot is Facebook display picture worthy.
Another option you should consider when buying a lens is the weight, because when you’re taking photos the heavier the camera the sooner you will get tired so in order to make your experience more enjoyable opt for a lens which is not heavy for you. This lens is a compact shape and size and doesn’t add a whole lot of weight to the camera and therefore it is one of my favorite lens to shoot with.

2. Nikon 24mm f/1.4 AF-S G


This lens is a recent release by Nikon, released in 2010 it can easily be one of the best lenses available in the market today. If low light is your interest, I’d suggest getting this 24mm f/1.4 instead of a wide zoom. The aperture on this lens is unreal, it takes beautiful pictures, because it does so well in low light, you can really edit the picture a whole lot to completely change it without getting any noise on the picture. This lens has far more depth compared to a 50mm, and takes incredibly sharp photos. I personally love the image quality delivered by this lens. It is far cheaper than other 24mm lenses available which makes it an even better buy.

3. Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX


Another easy on the pocket but great value for money lens is the 35mm. It is great for autofocus if that is one of your prime concerns. Again this lens performs well in low lighting, not as good as the 24mm one of course, but for the price the results are insane. Also the quality of video shot from this lens is amazing. I like to use this lens when I’m shooting a walking around video primarily because of the fast autofocus, also I like using this lens in product and food photography.

4. Nikon 18-55mm VR DX II


This lens comes included with many Nikon cameras as a kit lens and I kid you not you will not have to update to a better lens for at least a year. There is so much you can do with this lens, the amount of zoom you can achieve with this lens I great. It is capable of taking super sharp looking photos. The newer version of this lens comes with autofocus and a smaller body making it less bulkier and easy on the hands. It is capable of capturing a lot of space when set to 18mm which makes it a great lens for event photography when you need to capture larger groups of people. I find that 55mm setting on the lens takes super sharp images, it doesn’t perform as great in low lighting but after tweaking the ISO levels you can definitely get decent quality photos. I like to use this lens when I know I’m going to have to shoot a larger area and having a fixed zoom is going to be problem for me, I also like shooting videos on this lens, mostly set on 35 to 45mm and it is capable of shooting a great quality video, also it works well with most Nikon cameras, and is a real winner for a kit lens. However it only covers DX; it doesn’t cover 35mm film or FX wider than 24mm

5. 85mmf/1.4 Al-s


This lens is pretty old, it was released in 1981 and now has been upgraded to the newer version which offers autofocus. This lens is included on the list because it is a great example that sometimes manual lenses outperform the newer autofocus ones because you can really go in and change the focus based on your preference. Nikon kept manufacturing this lens till 2006, the main reason why this lens was so popular and still is with photographers is because of the sharp images and a better bokeh then most other Nikon lenses available in the market. Because this lens doesn’t have autofocus it is best for still photography and sit down videos. The quality of image is unreal, literally I prefer this lens over many other new ones I own because I know that every picture I take is going to be magnificent

6.18-200mm VR DX


Released in 2005, this lens has great range to it, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like changing up the lens for different shots and just want one lens to worry about then this is a great option. Having said that it is a bit bulky so its definitely going to feel heavy and you’ll find your hands getting tired, I personally don’t prefer this lens most of the time because it is so big and doesn’t do particularly well in low light or say shooting sports, but if you’ve set this on a tripod and are sat taking pictures it is an amazing lens to work with. I would say this lens is particularly good for wildlife photography because of the possibility to zoom in to 200mm without losing quality and light and without having the hassle to change up the lens for the shot, so it is heavy but it’s the only lens you’ll need. I would quickly like to add that 70-200mm VR lens gives you just as much to shoot far away objects but does well in low light and moving objects, so that is also another great option to buy.


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