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How important is Visual Representation for Social Media Optimization

How important is Visual Representation for Social Media Optimization

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If you have clicked to read this article, then chances are; you are a blogger looking to expand your horizon, or are a brand who is trying to break out of its limited consumer base or you are a normal fellow just trying to figure things out. Whichever category you fit in, we will try to simplify your search and exhaustive list of questions through this article by giving you just what you want, i.e; how to win at optimizing your content through social media.

First off let’s start with, what social media optimization is?

The answer in lay man terminology is; marketing your brand or yourself on social media by placing advertisement on various form of social media out there, and no I am not talking about those sickening pop up ads telling me I need to update my adobe flash player to view the video I want to watch, and no I don’t want to meet good looking individuals near me.

So if you are thinking of optimizing your content by displaying such adds then I’m sorry this article is not for you. But if you are a sane individual with a bit of class then, please continue reading.

Okay now that we have covered the ‘don’ts’ lets move on to the steps that will make you a winner.

Optimize using visual content :

This point basically means; seeing is believing, if I don’t see it I don’t believe in it. If you are a brand trying to reach a larger audience know that people wont believe it when you say; ‘we are the best company…’ NO people want proof, they want pictures and videos. An online presence on every social media application is highly necessary; make an account on Instagram, reddit, tumblr, snapchat, and every possible social media app you can find, you need to spread the word that you exist and the more annoyingly active you are on social media the more likely it is that people will visit you and get educated on what you are trying to sell.

Make it look pretty:

So chances are if there is no jazz in what you post no body wants to look at it, lets face it, the people love ‘pretty’ anything that is ugly no body wants to waste time on it, so the prettier and nicely put together your content is on social media, it’ll sell. There is a legit reason why we say ‘sex sells’ its because IT DOES, so make sure when establishing an online presence to market yourself or your brand make sure its something that you would like to look at and indulge in, and if you have horrible artistic sense then my friend Pintrist ideas on how to make shit look pretty, its not that hard

If you are going to post photos then make sure they are nicely put together and edited, there is enough lighting and the quality of your photos is top notch

Which photo is more intriguing out of the three?






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